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Women’s rights under the rule of PiS, or how theory differs from practice

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The Law and Justice authorities have already used the opportunity many times to educate women in Poland about their rights, limitations, duties and obligations. There were also accusations of omissions. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

“Every Polish woman needs exceptional support. That is why the Polish government cares about the health and safety of women and supports their development” – we hear in government advertisements. There are also press conferences emphasizing their role, promises that the authorities “in all these roles will try to add at least one brick of support”. It’s government policy towards women in theory.

A fragment of a PiS spot about women’s support

Tightening of the abortion law in Poland

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It looks different in practice. – Let’s remember with a minute of silence all pregnant women who died in Polish hospitals – she appealed from the parliamentary rostrum Katarzyna Kotula from the Left.

It was a minute of silence for the pregnant dead, a minute when PiS politicians did not consider it appropriate to get up. The sessions of the Sejm continued uninterruptedly. PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski when asked about the situation of women in Polish hospitals, he replied that “this is one big scam”.

After another death of a woman after the judgment of the Constitutional Court limiting the right to abortion, this was the official line of the ruling party. – Again, there is no such thing. It is invented by propaganda. This is part of this imaginary reality, claimed Jarosław Kaczyński.

Women’s protests almost a year after the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment on abortion tvn24

From these words, the president of PiS, although he had a chance, did not withdraw. – A huge, disgusting propaganda campaign carried out by the Left and the Platform – he continued.

PiS about abortion

A member of his party then went a step further from the PiS president. When the journalist, in an interview with Ewa Szymańska, emphasized that it was about the safety of women’s lives, she said: “You say that as if tens, hundreds of thousands of these women died every day.”

This opinion of the ruling party has not changed to this day. – During childbirth, women died and attributing the right to abortion is again another abuse – assesses Henryk Kowalczyk. The abortion law was tightened by the votes of PiS and Confederation politicians. – There is no connection between the rules and these situations. Unfortunately, such things have happened, are happening and will probably happen – he believes Bartholomew Wroblewskiwho applied to the Constitutional Tribunal to tighten the abortion law.

– I do not know a normal person who would say that it is good that there are abortions – says Marcin Horała, although no one has ever said that abortion is a good thing.

Fighting for women’s rights

Those women who took to the streets always wanted one thing – that each of them would have a choice and could make their own decisions. – I did not notice that we as Law and Justice somehow limited women’s rights – claims Marlena Maląg.

Under the rule of PiS, not only the right to abortion was restricted, but also in vitro treatment. – This is not a method of fighting infertility, it is a method of human production – said Barbara Bartuś in the Sejm.

The PiS president also quickly found the reason for the low fertility rate in Poland. Jaroslaw Kaczynski during one of his meetings with voters he assessed that a woman “must mature to be a good mother.” – But how until the age of 25 he gives himself in the neck … – he said.

Main photo source: tvn24

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