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Women’s Strike. The policeman lost his position in the elite BOA unit. He hit a demonstrator with a baton

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The policeman who used a telescopic baton during the Women’s Strike in 2020 is no longer an officer of the elite Anti-Terrorist Operations Bureau – tvn24.pl has learned.

This personnel decision was made by the acting Chief Commander of Police, Inspector Marek Boroń. Pursuant to it, the officer will no longer serve in the Anti-Terrorist Operations Bureau. He was sent to one of the Independent Counter-Terrorist Units that operate at each provincial headquarters.

We confirmed our unofficial information in the press office of the Police Headquarters.

With a baton at the demonstrators

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Let us recall that the use of police anti-terrorists took place during the demonstration that took place on November 18, 2020. There were protests on the streets of Warsaw after the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling on abortion.

As it later turned out, anti-terrorists entered the crowd gathered at Powstańców Warszawy Square. They were dressed in civilian clothes, some of them did not have any police decorations. One of the officers hit a demonstrator with a telescopic baton and then knocked the woman down. Later, a spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters explained that the officer used the baton to defend himself against an attempt to take it away.

A plainclothes policeman hit protesters with a baton during the Women’s Strike (material of “Fakty” TVN from November 19, 2020)Fakty TVN

Secret control

Photos and videos from these events spread throughout the country. Therefore, the then Chief Police Commander, General Jarosław Szymczyk, commissioned his control office to thoroughly investigate the activities of the BOA. However, the resulting report was ultimately not presented to the public. Officially, because it contained some classified information.

As we revealed on tvn24.pl, the BOA’s activities at that time were not directed by the head, General Dariusz Zięba, or his deputy. They were removed and the BOA officers were placed under the orders of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, where the operation was managed.

Millions in the officer

The officer himself did not suffer any consequences, his career did not slow down. He even took part in an officer’s course, which is considered a distinction and a reward.

Why was he now removed from BOA and transferred to the anti-terrorist subunit of one of the southern voivodeships? – It is a symbol with which no one identifies today. On the other hand, the state pumped hundreds of thousands of zlotys, if not millions, into his training. Let him work on it, we heard from one of the officers at the headquarters.

BOA problems

The Central Counter-Terrorist Unit of the Police “BOA” itself is struggling with huge staffing problems. There are up to 50 vacancies for just over 200 “combat” positions. Subsequent recruitments do not bring any changes. Young people and police officers are not willing to take up demanding anti-terrorist service. He passed away at the beginning of January retirement long-time BOA commander, General Dariusz Zięba. As many as 16 officers, along with him, decided to take the same step. The new head, Łukasz Pikuła, an officer of this formation, faced two main challenges: improving the image and overcoming the staffing crisis.

Main photo source: Kuba Atys / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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