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Women’s suffrage. We are revealing a new draft act by the Minister of Sport on the participation of women in sports associations

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Sławomir Nitras is getting ready for a clash with sports activists. He wants to end the exclusive rule of men and – using a new law – introduce women there. A draft bill has just been prepared at the Ministry of Sport. We learned its details. “Polish sports associations strive to maintain balanced gender representation in the authorities of the Polish sports association.” This is what one of the new articles reads: 9a. 1, which, if it comes into force, will be a real revolution. Arleta Zalewska from “Fakty” TVN and Aleksandra Pawlicka from “Newsweek” in the latest episode of “Women’s Elections” on TVN24 GO reveal and discuss what other changes the Minister of Sport for women is preparing.

The Polish Football Association consists of 18 men and 0 women. Polish Handball Association: 17 men and 0 women. A Polish Basketball Association: 11 men and 0 women. The situation is slightly better in the Polish Swimming Association, where there are 9 men and 4 women on the board. The facts are, however, that Polish sport is managed by men and this is about to change soon.

How? The new government wants to introduce quotas and link compliance with them with financing. This is the first part of the key article from the new draft law: “The management board of a Polish sports association consisting of lucky and more members should include not less than 30 percent of board members – women and not less than 30 percent – men.” But this is a provision that only becomes important in conjunction with this: “A Polish sports association that does not fulfill the obligations referred to in […] cannot apply for financing or co-financing for the implementation of tasks from the state budget.” To put it simply: the risk of losing subsidies and hundreds of thousands of zlotys for the association’s activities and for the development of players is to force activists to share power with women.

Sławomir NitrasLeszek Szymański/PAP/EPA

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The changes proposed by the Minister of Sport will also apply to pregnant women and young mothers. “We will extend the period of granting the scholarship from six months to a year after the birth of the child and increase its amount from 50 percent to 81.5 percent,” the minister announced on social media. Sławomir Nitras.

And this is a specific provision: “A member of the national team who has become unable to practice sports as a result of pregnancy or the birth of a child is paid a sports scholarship for the period of: pregnancy, in full amount and one year after the birth of the child – in an amount equal to 81.5 percent of the awarded scholarship. sports”.

What is also new and important in the proposed bill is a number of provisions regarding: counteracting violence and discrimination in sport. As we read in the draft bill, this concerns both psychological violence, sexual abuse and other abuses towards players. All sports associations will have to appoint special plenipotentiaries who will be responsible – within their teams, teams, associations and clubs – for counteracting violence and discrimination. In addition, all sports clubs will have to adopt “player protection standards” and adopt and make them available on the website “standards for counteracting violence and discrimination in sport”. And after obtaining information about such behavior or events in their ranks, clubs will have to immediately report it to the Ombudsman for the Protection of Players’ Rights. This will be established by the Minister of Sport and equipped with the necessary tools to: monitor, detect, counteract and report any such behavior to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

And here again, if clubs and sports associations do not fulfill these tasks, they will not be able to apply for funding from the state and local government budgets.

The draft law is at the government consultation stage.

Author:Arleta Zalewska

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP/EPA

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