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Work. How much do Ukrainians earn in Poland? Personnel Service survey results

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It is estimated that there may currently be about 2.3 million Ukrainians in Poland. Employees from this country are employed in every second company, mainly at the lower level. The highest percentage, because every third employee from Ukraine, receives from PLN 3 to 4 thousand net per month – according to the “Barometer of the Polish Labor Market” Personnel Service.

Personnel Service company, which deals with i.a. recruiting employees from Ukraine for the needs of employers in Poland, cited the results of the latest report by the National Bank of Poland “Life and economic situation of migrants from Ukraine in Poland – the impact of the pandemic and war on the nature of migration in Poland”. It indicated that 65% of Ukrainians residing in our country work, and 24 percent. looking for a job.

How much do Ukrainians earn in Poland?

According to the latest “Barometer of the Polish Labor Market” by Personnel Service, nearly every fourth Ukrainian earns between PLN 2.7 thousand and PLN 2.7 thousand in our country. up to 3 thousand PLN net per month. The highest percentage, 35 percent. receives from 3 thousand. up to 4 thousand PLN net per month. 17% of employees can count on higher salaries. people who earn from 4 thousand. up to 5 thousand PLN net per month. In turn, 8 percent collects from 5 thousand up to 6 thousand PLN net per month, and 2 percent. receives a payout of more than 6,000 PLN net.

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“The attractiveness of salaries for Ukrainians in Poland is clearly visible when we compare their earnings in our country with those offered in their homeland. In Poland, the minimum gross salary exceeds PLN 3,000, while in Ukraine it is about PLN 800. 3.5 times more,” noted Krzysztof Inglot, founder of Personnel Service and labor market expert, quoted in the release.

He added that “Ukrainian workers who come to Poland to work often work more than 40 hours a week, so they can earn even more.” Inglot also noted that people migrating for work often choose a shuttle model. This means that they work in Poland for half a year “to improve the household budget, and then return to Ukraine”.

In the opinion of the Personnel Service, it is worrying that 12 percent. people agree to be employed for money that is below minimum wage in Poland.

“In November, a marginal percentage of employers declared employing Ukrainians illegally, while offering them a salary below the minimum wage. Now this indicator is higher, which may to some extent be due to the galloping rate of increase in the minimum wage. Even in December 2022, the minimum hourly rate will not used to exceed PLN 20, now it is almost PLN 23, hence employers are looking for ways to reduce their costs” – assessed Krzysztof Inglot.

Living costs in Poland

The survey shows that every third employee from Ukraine claims that they spend only PLN 200 to PLN 500 a month in Poland. “Such modest expenses are often possible thanks to an extensive benefits package, which includes, among others, meals, transport to work and accommodation. However, there are people who spend more. spends between PLN 1,000 and PLN 2,000 on maintenance each month.

The authors pointed out that women in Poland live more modestly, which is a change compared to the previous edition of the study. “Currently, 46% of women spend a maximum of PLN 500 per month compared to 41% of men. In November 2022, these proportions were reversed” – added. At the same time, it was pointed out that the fact that young people are more profligate has not changed.

Employees from Ukraine who are in Poland do not necessarily send money to their family. Most often, they accumulate capital, which they later bring back to their homeland in its entirety. More than half (55%) of people admit that they do not make international transfers at all.

“Among those who make regular money transfers, 12% allocate between PLN 500 and 1,000 for this purpose, 13% send their loved ones between PLN 1,000 and 2,000 every month, and 12% allocate over PLN 2,000 for this purpose. Smaller amounts from PLN 200 to PLN 500 are transferred to their family account every month by a total of 8 percent of people, “we read.

About the study

As explained in the communication, the survey of employers in Poland was conducted using the CAWI method (computer-assisted internet interview). 317 companies employing at least 10 people took part in the study. Of these, 105 are companies employing 10 to 49 people, 108 are companies employing 50 to 249 people, and 104 are companies employing 250 or more people.

The survey was carried out on February 6-9, 2023.

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