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Work. Record-breaking insurance premiums, Poles paid over PLN 53 billion more

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Contributions to state funds in 2022 increased by over PLN 53 billion, to over PLN 410 billion. Last year, they cost an average working Pole PLN 24,000, writes Rzeczpospolita on Tuesday.

As Rzeczpospolita writes, for contributions to state statistical funds, an employee secured his future retirementhealth care from the National Health Fund or maternity benefits and parenting for the young generation. But it is not everything.

“At the same time, he partly funded the 13th and 14th pensions, subsidies from the state for employee capital plans, he also contributed to the construction of nurseries in Poland. The funds have been mainly supporting the current government policy for eight years, and are not collected for the purposes for which they were appointed,” writes the journal.

Contributions to state funds

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Rzeczpospolita notes that during the year the amount of contributions to the funds increased by over PLN 53 billion and amounted to over PLN 410 billion. “It’s way more than we paid in character VAT and PIT – less than PLN 300 billion – last year.

The newspaper explains that not only employees and entrepreneurs contribute to the state budget. Farmers added PLN 1.5 billion in the form of a pension and disability pension contribution to the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. In turn, over 24.5 million people (employees, entrepreneurs, farmers and pensioners) paid about PLN 222 billion in health insurance premiums.

According to Rzeczpospolita’s calculations, if only those funds paid for by employees and entrepreneurs were counted (without National Health Fund), the statistical load would be about 18.9 thousand. PLN per year. In the form of health insurance contributions, each person working or receiving a pension paid an average of PLN 4.9 thousand to the state coffers. zloty.

On the other hand, the amount paid personal income tax decreased in 2022 by over PLN 5 billion, to over PLN 68 billion.

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