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World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Polish WAGs, who are the wives and partners of national team players?

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The partners of the Polish national team players always attract the attention of the media and fans during major tournaments, and it is no different before the World Cup in Qatar. Which staff members have been married the longest? Which of them has a foreign partner? Some are successful on their own. Introducing Polish WAGs.

The term WAGs was coined by the British tabloid press as an acronym for Wives and Girlfriends. It became popular 20 years ago, at the time of David and Victoria Beckham’s extremely media relationship, and referred to the partners of English footballers. The media in the UK popularized it before the 2006 World Cup, later it was picked up by journalists and fans in other countries. It is willingly used especially around the World Cup. No wonder that before the championships in Qatar, the Polish WAGs are also in the spotlight.


Anna Lewandowska

In terms of recognition, Anna Lewandowska is the undisputed number one among the wives, partners and girlfriends of Polish footballers. But she is known not only as the wife of the most popular of them. Anna Lewandowska is a brand in itself. For years, he has signed his name on several projects in the fitness and lifestyle industry. Her Instagram profile Healthy Plan by Ann is followed by over 4.5 million users.

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Anna Lewandowska – then still Stachurska – met the best Polish footballer when they were both teenagers. They were connected by sport – he played football, she practiced karate, winning many medals at Polish, European and world championships. They got married in 2013, when Lewandowski was a striker for Borussia Dortmund. To this day, they have two daughters – Klara, now five years old, and Laura, three years younger.

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Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny, wife of Wojciech Szczęsny

Born in Ukrainian Vinnytsia, at the age of two, she moved with her parents to Poland, where her ancestors come from. From an early age she developed her vocal talent, attended music schools, in her childhood she took part in the programs “Chance of success” or “Road to the Stars”. She released her first studio album in 2011, she has released three albums in total. In 2009, she appeared in “Dancing with the Stars”.

She met the goalkeeper of the Polish national team when he played for Arsenal London and lived in the UK on a daily basis. In fact, she made herself known – Wojciech Szczęsny explained in an interview with “Viva” that he first saw Marina on the Internet. He managed to get her number, and she agreed to dinner. It happened in 2014, that’s when their relationship began. Two years later they got married. They have a four-year-old son, Liam.

Celia Krychowiak (formerly Jaunat), wife of Grzegorz Krychowiak

Grzegorz Krychowiak’s wife is currently the only “Polish” WAG from abroad (it is not known that Matty Cash and Nicola Zalewski, born outside our country, are related to anyone – ed.). born in France the model saw the Polish footballer for the first time in the salon with luxury bathroom equipment where she worked. He came there as a client and – as she admitted in interviews – immediately caught her eye. They have been in a relationship for many years and got married in late 2019.

Agata Sieramska, partner of Arkadiusz Milik

She is better known under the pseudonym Agatycze. She gained popularity on Instagram, where she has been actively running a profile with the same name for several years (currently followed by almost 140,000 users). Before she started publishing content related to gym training and healthy eating, rap fans could associate her – for several years she was the partner of a Warsaw rapper with the pseudonym WENA. Their relationship ended more than two years ago. Sieramska began dating Arkadiusz Milik in the spring of 2021. Previously, the striker of Juventus Turin was the partner of model Jessica Ziółek for almost 10 years.

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Marta Glik, wife of Kamil Glik

Kamil Glik got married in 2011, when most of his representative colleagues did not even know their current partners. The central defender met his chosen one, Marta, in elementary school. Apparently, there was no spark between them right away, in fact, in the first years of their acquaintance, the later spouses teased each other. But in junior high school, they changed their approach and have been together ever since. They had two daughters – 9-year-old Victoria and 3-year-old Valentina.

Dominika Grosicka, wife of Kamil Grosicki

Kamil Grosicki – as the only one in the team – is equal to Glik in terms of marriage. The winger of Pogoń Szczecin stood on the wedding carpet together with Dominika (formerly Karaszewska) in 2011. The football player met his current wife several years ago when he played in Białystok Jagiellonia. She was in another relationship at the time, but “Grosik” patiently waited and watched the development of the situation for several months. Eventually they became a couple. In last year in an interview in “Dzień Dobry TVN” Grosicka confessedthat the footballer “captivated her with his normality”.

Before meeting winger Grosicka, she worked as a model, for over 10 years she has been mainly raising children – Maja, born in 2012, and Marcel, her son from a previous relationship. She likes to be active on Instagram, where she regularly posts videos with makeup instructions.

Dominika Robak, partner of Kamil Grabara

With goalkeeper Kamil Grabara, who he made it to the World Cup squad, Dominika Robak has been dating for over three years. In 2020, the lovers boasted of their engagement on Instagram, they have not married yet. The goalkeeper’s fiancée is a model, she works with both Polish and foreign agencies.

Claudia Kowalczyk, partner of Jakub Kiwior

Jakub Kiwior, a 22-year-old central defender of the Italian Spezia, is related to Claudia Kowalczyk, eight years older than herself (she uses this spelling of her name in social media). A graduate of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice in the field of dietician, she is an instructor of twerk, i.e. a dance based on – in short – rhythmic shaking of the buttocks. The Kiwiora girl has a lot of success in this sport: in 2017 she won the Germany Twerk Competition, and a year later she reached the semi-finals of the European Championships.

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