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World Cup in Qatar: Croats do not take money for performances. It’s not true

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PiS MP Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka said that Croatian footballers do not take money for their performances in the national team, and donate the prizes to children’s training. This recently popular story dates back four years and is not true.

One of the themes in theCoffee on the benchOn December 11, there was confusion about the promise of a bonus should have received from the prime minister Polish representatives for their performance at the World Championships in Qatar. According to the account p.pl The Prime Minister promised the players PLN 30 million to be divided for advancing to the 1/8 finals of the event. On the other hand “Przegląd Sportowy” wrotethat it could be as much as PLN 50 million for footballers and staff members. It was about funds from the state budget, not money from the Polish Football Association (PZPN). After media reports, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki first stated that there would be no government funds for bonuses, and then met with the Minister of Sport and the president of the Polish Football Association regarding the creation of a “fund for supporting football youth”.

On this subject, in the TV studio, she spoke, among others, PiS MP Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka representing the ruling camp, who stated that “the idea with the fund is of course very good, and even better … here I direct my words to the sports environment … so that, following the example of Croatia… there, the Croatian national team does not take a zloty for its performances in the national team, and all the prizes it receives are donated to youth and children’s football. So let’s go in that direction“.

The story quoted by the MP has recently become very popular, especially in the context of the confusion surrounding Polish bonuses. Croats as an example were presented not only by Internet users in online discussions, but also by e.g. former Polish representative Artur Wichniarek, currently an expert of the Sports Channel, who He saidthat “in Croatia, no player has the right to take one Croatian kuna for playing for the national team. The Croatians allocate all the money they win, which they earn on the basis of the national team, to charity.” As confirmation, he also reported the alleged words of the captain of the Croatian national team: “Luka Modrić said that if anyone takes any money, he has no right to play for the Croatian national team during his time. Because playing for the national team is national pride. We earn money in clubs, and We come here because we want to represent our country, not to make money.”

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However, we explain where this story came from and why it is not true.

Fake from the World Cup in Russia

The story of the Croats giving away their bonus does not come from the ongoing World Cup, but from the previous World Cup in Russia in 2018, where the Croats reached the final where they lost to France 4-2. For this achievement, FIFA paid the Croatian Football Association (HNS) almost 24 million euros, which, according to a popular story, the national team was then to donate, among others to for Croatian orphanages. The source of this information was a letter that the national team coach Zlatko Dalić allegedly wrote to the fans.

The alleged letter that the Croatian coach was supposed to address to the fans

It soon turned out, however, that the letter did not actually come to Dalic, but only appeared on the representation dedicated to him and the entire unofficial site on Facebook. Tomislav Pacak, a spokesman for HNS, denied information about the transfer of the bonus to charity on the Croatian state television HRT. “The information provided in the media does not come from coach Dalić and is not true. The original text cited by the media does not say that Dalić is the author of this letter. I expect greater reliability from the media,” said the spokesman. “I would certainly expect that as a national TV station you would have good sources. This is completely absurd information that was published via social networks,” he added.

No confirmation of Modric’s words

Despite these denials, the story of Croatians not accepting performance bonuses for the national team is still being told today. It is confirmed by the above-mentioned alleged words of Luka Modric, which he referred to, among others, Artur Wichniarek.

Luka ModricGetty Images Europe

However, we have not found any public statements by the Croatian captain in which such words would be said. However, Łukasz Gikiewicz, a Polish striker living in Croatia, was asked about them. In the SportoweFakty.wp.pl studio he explainedbased on the accounts of his sources, that if Modric was saying something similar, it was only about a different distribution of the bonus from FIFA.

“I confirm that Croatia gets bonuses. There was information in the press that Croatia does not get a single kuna, because Modrić said so. This is nonsense, they get” – said Gikiewicz. “Only Luka Modric stood up when the relationship was divisive [pieniądze] for physiotherapists, masseurs and [ogłosił, że] Players give more to the staff. The players, whether they are playing or injured, all get 100 percent. There are no divisions: you more, me less, the president even less. It’s a kit, bullshit. Croatia gets [premie]only not from the government, but from FIFA,” he explained.

The story about Croatian bonuses, quoted e.g. by a PiS MP, so it is currently a combination of fake news from four years ago with an alleged statement by Luka Modric, the captain of the national team. This does not change the fact that the Croatians will receive money from FIFA for their performance at the championship. Portal Vecernji.hr informsthat after advancing to the semi-finals it will be at least 24 million euros. This amount could rise to €40 million in the event of a championship win. After the World Cup, this money will go to the Croatian football federation, which will distribute it among others to between players and staff. What specific players will do with them and whether they will donate them to charity is their individual decision.

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Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP, Neil Hall/PAP/EPA

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