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World Kindness Day. MPK Wrocław shows the messages that its employees receive

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“I fucking go to the dogs”, “nara idiots”, “if I do not make it where I have to make it, I will fucking burn you” – these are the real news that the employees of the Municipal Transport Company in Wroclaw. The company published a video on social media drawing attention to hate speech online. The carrier’s authorities – on the occasion of World Kindness Day – also encourage kindness, because “there is also a man on the other side of the screen”.

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne in Wrocław published on Sunday in which it draws attention to the hate speech faced by the carrier’s employees. The date is not accidental. November 21 is World Kindness Day. And this is what the company’s authorities are calling for.

According to MPK, the carrier’s employees maintain constant contact with their passengers. Messages can be delivered via the hotline and social media. Only on Facebook alone, MPK receives several dozen messages a day.

In the message sent, the company emphasizes that these are most often cultural talks regarding the current functioning of MPK. There are also questions about current traffic events, other times praise for drivers and tram drivers.

Unfortunately, there are also messages full of aggression. And they are the main topic of the movie published on Sunday.

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“Sometimes we even share these emotions. But the way we express them must have limits.”

As emphasized by the carrier’s authorities, the recording shows real messages that were once received by MPK employees.

“I hate you fucking”, “All of your work ch ** eis ** and who won’t open the door when I’m with them”, “If I don’t make it where I’m supposed to make it, you fucking I will burn “. These are just some of them.


– In this unconventional and perhaps shocking way, we pay attention to a very serious problem related to aggression on the Internet – says Krzysztof Balawejder, president of MPK Wrocław.

The company emphasizes that it understands the emotions of its passengers. – Sometimes we even share these emotions. But the way they are expressed must have limits – adds Balawejder.

As MPK adds, the message is unambiguous: on the other side of the screen there is also a man with his emotions and feelings. Therefore, let us be kinder and kinder to each other – not only on the day of kindness.

Main photo source: MPK Wrocław

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