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World Media Festivals 2023. TVN Warner Bros. Discovery with 14 awards

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One main prize, seven gold and six silver went to journalists and TVN Warner Bros. titles. Discovery at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg. Among the winners were reports from journalists from “Czarno na Białej” and “Superwizjer” TVN.

This year, seven titles related to TVN Warner Bros. received the first prize in their categories. discovery. These are:

“Abyss of Lies” – a report by Marcin Gutowski, a journalist from “Black and White” (Documents category, Ethics and Religion subcategory).

Canada smelling of suffering. Children of not this God” – a reportage by Marek Osiecimski, a journalist from “Black on White” (Category Reportages and Columns, subcategory Public Affairs)

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“The Archbishop and the Military Helicopter Contract” – a report by journalists from “Superwizjer” Maciej Duda and Łukasz Ruciński (Category Documents, subcategory Legal Matters).

“Polish trap. The secret of the death of a journalist from Guatemala – reportage by journalists from “Superwizjer” Marcin Wójcik and “Duży Format” Bartosz Józefiak (Category Reportages and Columns, subcategory Investigative Journalism).

“Company of Vowa” – reportages by the journalist of “Superwizjer” Michał Przedlacki (Category Reportages and Columns, subcategory Document).

“If I were you” – a film directed by Antonio Galdámez (Entertainment category, Comedy subcategory). This production in the Entertainment category also received the intermedia-globe GRAND AWARDwhere the winner is selected from the gold award winners in each subcategory.

“behaviourist” – a series directed by Łukasz Palkowski (Entertainment category, Serial subcategory).

The second prize in their categories went to:

“The power of lies” – a report by Piotr Świerczek, a journalist from “Black on White” (Reports and Columns category, Analysis/Comment subcategory).

“Get the Butcher of Vukovar” – a report by the journalist of “Superwizjer” Bertold Kittel (Category Documents, subcategory Crime Cases).

“Unleash Ukraine – a report by the journalist of “Superwizjer” Michał Przedlacki (Category Document, subcategory Current Events).

“Under the Taliban” – a report by the journalist of “Superwizjer” Michał Przedlacki (Documents category, Social Involvement subcategory).

“We were prisoners of the Polish state” – a report by the journalists of “Superwizjer” Wojciech Szumowski and Rut Kurkiewicz (Category Reportages and Columns, subcategory Current Events).

“Young Belarus – a report by the journalists of “Superwizjer” Łukasz Ruciński and Patryk Szczepaniak (Documents category, Human Rights subcategory).

Main photo source: worldmediafestival.org

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