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World Mental Health Day. An expert on the mental health of Poles

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October 10 is World Mental Health Day. On TVN24, the vice-president of the Alliance of Residents Anna Bazydło pointed out that “it seems that there has been a taboo break in this topic, especially among younger people”. At the same time, she added that “we still have a very big problem among people over 30, among people of middle age and older age”.

Marcin Zaborski will talk to doctors, therapists, parents and pupils as part of the discussion “Psychiatry of children and adolescents in crisis”. Debate on Sunday at 20.

The vice-president of the Alliance of Residents, Anna Bazydło, a resident of the Psychiatry Department of the Mazowieckie Specialist Health Center in Pruszków, said on TVN24, referring to mental health, that “there seems to be some breaking of the taboo, especially among younger people”. – People under 30 talk much more openly about their mental health crises, and it is easier for them to talk about their emotions or failures, because they are often a source of stress – she said.


At the same time, she added that “we still have a very big problem among people over 30, among people of middle age and older age”. – Because, despite everything, our culture does not approve of admitting mistakes. We live in a cult of success, a cult of victory, therefore many of us have a hard time admitting that we cannot cope with something – she assessed.

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Anna Bazydło on the mental health of PolesTVN24

– Despite this little interest, it takes up to three months for a psychiatrist’s advice in Poland, and therefore many people have difficult access to professional help and look for it in many different places, be it via the Internet, at family or with related people. for example with the Church – emphasized Bazydło. – In many such places you can take advantage of such help, but they are not always verified or safe places – she added.

“Remember that depression is a fatal disease”

Bazydło emphasized that “mental health is exactly the same element of our well-being as our physical health”. – We never deny the symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or oncological disease, and very often we underestimate the symptoms of mental diseases such as depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder – she said. In her opinion, “we blame it on stress, tension”. – By not seeking help, we run the risk that the symptoms of the disease will worsen. There is a risk that the affected person will become a threat to himself, she added.

The expert pointed out that “it should be remembered that depression is a fatal disease, and unfortunately often much more than cardiological or oncological causes”. – Seeking help is very important here, so that the patient is not fixed in these incorrect patterns, not to destroy the whole of life, because untreated mental illnesses will translate into loss of help, breakdown of relationships or destruction of family relationships.

Anna Bazydło on mental health: depression is a fatal diseaseTVN24

“Help is needed when we start to notice a problem,” she added.

“Mental health matters.” Yellow Ribbon March in the capital

On Sunday for the fifth time The Yellow Ribbon March passed through the streets of Warsaw. “It is important that people in a mental crisis have the best support so that we do not lose them, so that they can, like everyone else, love and work. Create happy bonds and fulfill themselves and stand up for themselves” – the organizers explain.

Yellow Ribbon MarchTVN24

The march is an expression of solidarity with people experiencing mental crises and their relatives. The participants of the march told the TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Telmińska about their postulates. – We’re asking for money. We really want psychiatry to be funded, just as cardiology was once funded. Thanks to this, you can react quickly and save people who have a heart attack – said one of the participants.

– Mental illnesses can also be a fatal disease. People take their own lives. People give up life. They vegetate on the sidelines because they are unable to be here with us. The point is to create such psychiatric care, such support that we do not lose them. This support must be as in cardiology, immediate – she added.

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