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Woroniec. One shipment of hazardous waste and four entities will be responsible

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The carrier, the consignor, the shipper and the recipient of the cargo are to bear the consequences in connection with the transport of hazardous waste. The truck with the load was detained in Worońcu (Lublin Province) by a road inspection which found a number of irregularities. It was about the way of arranging and fixing the barrels.

On Thursday (November 4), inspectors from the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Lublin, who patrolled the national road number 2, stopped a truck carrying 2,220 kg of hazardous petroleum waste for a routine inspection in Woroniec.

The load was placed in 21 barrels. According to the waste transfer cards, the transport was carried out from Małaszewicze in the Lubelskie Voivodeship to Gliwice (Śląskie).

The truck was going in the wrong direction it should have been going

Some of the barrels were upside downWITD in Lublin

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Another carrier was mentioned in the waste transfer card, and the transport was stopped in the direction not from Małaszewicze, but to Małaszewicze, the inspectors began to have doubts as to the legality of the transport. An environmental protection inspector came to the inspection site.


– Due to the incorrect arrangement of several barrels – with the lid down – it was extremely important to clearly define what waste is actually transported. In the end, it was confirmed that the cargo has flammable properties, as it is diesel oil and gasoline residues, informs Paweł Gruszka, head of the inspection department of WITD in Lublin.

Inconsistencies regarding the nature and content of the cargo

The inspectors determined that the load of waste belongs to an entrepreneur from Małaszewicz, who shipped it on October 13 to be neutralized by a company from Gliwice.

Remains of diesel oil and gasoline were transported in barrels WITD in Lublin

– Due to the non-conformities found by the recipient regarding the type and content of the cargo, the company owning them was ordered to take the waste back to Małaszewicze – the head of the company is underlining.

Fine up to PLN 10,000

Administrative proceedings will be initiated against the carrier, subject to a fine of up to PLN 10,000. It is about the transport of dangerous goods without a transport document and in a manner that does not allow its identification. The inspectors also found a violation of the provisions concerning the stowage and securing of cargo. The carrier did not have the required marking of packages or collective packaging.

– In connection with the identified violations, administrative proceedings will also be conducted against the remaining participants of the transport – the sender, shipper and recipient – emphasizes Paweł Gruszka.

The lorry was returned to MałaszewiczeWITD in Lublin

The truck was stopped in Woroniec in the Biała Podlaska poviat

Main photo source: WITD in Lublin

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