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WOŚP 2022. Final in Bali and Norway

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The 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is taking off all over the world. On TVN24, Agata Pietrzykowska from Norway and Jacek Kaczyński and Andrzej Jakubowski from the island of Bali told about the events in their headquarters. While in the north of Europe, the attractions organized mainly online were accompanied by joyful sea, the loosening of covid restrictions in Indonesia made the participants of the Balinese finals hope to jointly observe unique kites with the GOCC logo, which they plan to fly over the beach.

– We have an online finale, it will last from 16 to 20. We have planned an artistic part for children, an artistic part for adults and of course: auctions, auctions, auctions – said Agata Pietrzykowska from the Norwegian staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

She added that apart from Saturday’s events, accompanying events were also held as part of this year’s finals. – Navigating the “Wataha Camp”, during which we managed to organize a meal. We had grilled sausages, there was bigos and cakes, reported Pietrzykowska.

WOŚP staffs in Norway and Bali TVN24

Meanwhile, the first orchestralists began to gather in Bali. – We have a great kite with a ten-meter tail – said Andrzej Jakubowski. As he explained, he will be accompanied by three smaller kite hearts that will be released by children.

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– I think that there will be so many of us here that even if there is no wind and everyone is blowing very well, this kite will fly very high and from everywhere, from all over Indonesia we will be seen and heard – argued Jacek Kaczyński.

Main photo source: TVN24

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