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WOŚP 2022 Poznań – concerts, program of events of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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In Poznań, on the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, everyone will be able to feel like a blind person. The rise of the so-called “invisible street”, that is a tent in which there is total darkness, and the only senses that we can use there are hearing and orientation in the field. The events accompanying the 30th Final will be held in various locations in Poznań.

On the last Sunday in January, thousands of volunteers will come to the streets of Poznań and the country. This year, the goal of the campaign is to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of eyesight in children. With the collected money, the foundation will buy specialized equipment that will help save the health of many young patients.

Already at 12 at the Municipal Stadium at ul. Bułgarska, the main event organized by the Ławica Staff will begin. Hot, tasty and aromatic food from food trucks will be waiting for the participants. The medical zone will offer a variety of tests and advice. Blood can also be donated there. Rescuers from the Medical University and the Volunteer Fire Department will present what the rescue operation of car accident victims looks like.


In connection with the topic of this year’s finals, the Ławica Staff invited people responsible for the “Invisible Street” project – a special space where you can experience a walk in the dark – to interactively show how a blind person functions in reality. – You will be able to feel what blind people feel. A blind person is a guide to such a place – says Tamara Briańska, Chief of Staff Ławica. She adds that she hopes that it will bring this problem closer to many people and will allow them to notice the obstacles and difficulties faced by people who are visually impaired and blind.

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Star Wars characters will be contesting

A series of workshops and surprises have been prepared for the youngest, including meetings with fairy-tale characters, the heroes of “Star Wars” or Poznań goats. In turn, for those who like to collect the final souvenirs, the organizers propose to make the original t-shirt by hand in the screen printing technique.

Fans of stronger emotions will be able to in the chair. 12: 00-19: 00 take part in auctions (in club B17), where you can get unique items. There will be concerts on the main stage (in front of the stadium), as well as the unique Light to Heaven – Tytka and Glance. Participants will receive paper bags with the heart of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which they will illuminate on time at 20:00.


These are not all the attractions prepared for January 30 by the Ławica Staff. Just like a year ago, a staff car will hit the streets of the city. It is a multimedia truck which – equipped with huge screens and professional sound system – will invite everyone to a loud and effective final celebration. In turn, ice hockey shots, shows and winter madness will be invited by the “Ligawa” Ice Rink at ul. Bukowska.

Play Jugger

As every year, the Orchestra also plays the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Staff at the Poznań University of Technology. There will be a lot going on at ul. Piotrowo. At. At 9:30 am, another run in the capital of Wielkopolska will start, “Count yourself with diabetes”.

On the other hand, in front of the Lecture Center from At 13:00 you will be able to see, among others Jugger game demonstration. It is a team sport that combines rugby, fencing and martial arts. There will be demonstrations of the Poznań University of Technology Scientific Clubs, a fire truck of the Poznań-Głuszyna Volunteer Fire Department and the Volunteer Fire Department of the Poznań Specialist Rescue Group. Volunteer Fire Department representatives will also conduct a first aid course, and rescue dogs will appear on site. WOPR will, in turn, show its rescue car and motorboat. There will also be food trucks and a Silent Disco event in the vicinity of the Lecture Center.

Look inside the lion’s cage

There will also be attractions in the Old ZOO at ul. Zwierzyniecka. On this day, there will be hourly guided tours of the Zoo and Lion History Museum. “Our employees will show the group around the interiors of the museum every hour (every hour on the hour, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, etc., last admission at 15.00), tell about the exhibits, and there will also be an opportunity to enter the former cages of lions! Due to the pandemic, the number of places is limited, please register in advance at: ddnowezoo@zoo.poznan.pl “- informs the zoo.

Admission to the museum is free, only donations will be collected to the cans of volunteers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

At the same hours in front of the museum, scouts will teach how not to get lost in the forest and how to use maps in the field. In turn, at At 11.00, the educator will show visitors around the Alternative-blooded Animals Pavilion, and at At 1 p.m. demonstration feeding of the caimans is planned.

A Rainbow Light to Heaven will shine

The orchestra will also play at Dom Tramwajarza (ul. Słowackiego 19/21). There from At 12:00 you will be able to see, among others Japanese singing and tango show, improvised theater performance by the Tumult group and the AMC Clique group. There will be auctions where the auction will include, for example, CDs, an instrument lesson, lunch at the Pan Gar restaurant, paintings, posters and bags.

There will be a lot going on at ul. Małe Garbary 6. There from At 2:00 p.m. Poznań residents will find a number of attractions in the Rainbow Christmas Town. Many artists will perform on stage. In addition to a large and good dose of music, visitors will be warmed up by auctions, which will include, among others, golden heart – extremely valuable, because it is a jubilee, with a special engraving commemorating the 30th Finale. Additionally, the town offers delicious food from the best Poznań restaurants and eateries, as well as hot drinks. There will be a dancing zone and private zones with tables. Punctually at At 8.00 p.m. in the town, the world’s first such Rainbow Light to Heaven will shine.

A ride with the flags of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy along the streets of Poznań will be organized by Wataha Racing Team, operating at the “SFORA” Fans Association. The column of ATVs and UTV vehicles will depart from the parking lot at the Old Slaughterhouse at 11.00 and a half an hour later he will appear on pl. Freedom. Here, all fans of fast off-road driving will have the opportunity to throw a donation to the orchestral box and to meet the Wataha drivers. At 1 p.m. the column will appear at the Castle. Here, too, there will be an opportunity to take a picture of yourself on a quad bike or in UTV vehicles in return for a donation to the can. Wataha drivers will be happy to share their knowledge about the principles of safe driving and professional preparation for it. They will also advise you on how to train safe crossings. From the Wataha Castle, it will move towards the Poznań University of Technology.

Sound city game

On the day of the finals, you will also be able to take part in the city game “Invisible Street”. WOŚP lollipops will be placed in six important places in the capital of Wielkopolska. The players’ task will be to find these locations and record sounds in their vicinity and describe them in their own words so that people who are blind can “see” them. The recorded materials will contribute to the creation of a sound map of Poznań for the visually impaired.

They will actively help the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

This is another final, which also included the Poznań International Fair. In Iglica, the cycling team of Rybczyński-Team will be spinning kilometers as part of the “Bicycle vertigo”. All this to promote health and universal commitment to helping.

At the Poznań International Fair, there will also be a delicacy zone with a diverse range of food trucks, Estrada Poznańska will provide unforgettable animations for children and adults, and in the heart of the Spire, Poznań International Fair will prepare an atmospheric cafe with delicious coffee and cookies.

Amateurs of active rest will also be able to take part in the “Count yourself with diabetes” race. The competitors will start from the MTP grounds at 9:00 AM, from where the staff car will lead them to the finish line at the Municipal Stadium. In this way, the GOCC campaign devoted to the purchase of insulin pumps for pregnant women will be supported. The race was held under the honorary patronage of President Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Get yourself Jurek Owsiak from Lego bricks

The Mayor of Poznań encourages to bid on a joint training session in the gym, which he put up as part of the “Things from the Heart” auction. The auction runs until February 6.

President Jacek Jaśkowiak also handed over several items to the staffs in Poznań. Some of them can be won at the stationary auction at the Municipal Stadium on the day of the final, and some can already be auctioned at auctions Of the Ławica Staff and Staff of the Poznań University of Technology. This includes sweatshirts with goats, local editions of the game Monopoly with the president’s signature or the comics Kajko i Kokosz translated into the Poznań dialect with the autograph of Juliusz Kubl’s translator.

Mariusz Wiśniewski also plays with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The deputy mayor of Poznań has put up for auction a walk along the streets of the Old Town, after which he will invite you to dinner at one of the restaurants serving Wielkopolska cuisine.

Among the many auctions there are also those conducted by Mateusz Wawrowski, known under the pseudonym Mateusz Buduje. This year, the enthusiast of communication and LEGO bricks has re-created special auctions, not only with his own projects, including by Jurek Owsiak made of blocks, but also with packages from companies, including MPK Poznań. The carrier from Poznań donated five gift sets to the online auction. Each package includes: an album issued on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of public transport in Poznań, sets of postcards presenting the former public transport as well as historical and linear vehicles, a booklet presenting the historical and line rolling stock of MPK Poznań, mug, lanyard, pen, shopping bag, and also a bookmark, a pin and a frisbee.

The events related to the 30th final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poznań can be followed on Facebook of the Ławica Staff and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity at the Poznań University of Technology.

WOŚP will play for the thirtieth time

The final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is a one-day public fundraiser, organized by the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy Foundation.

During the 29 finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, over PLN 1.5 billion was collected and spent to support Polish medicine. Thanks to the collection, over 67,300 devices were purchased.

The 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will play on January 30, 2022, under the slogan “Przegląd na Oczy”. The money will be collected for equipment that is to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment of eyesight in children.

Jurek Owsiak invites you to take part in the 30th final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas CharityGreat Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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