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WOŚP 2023. Ambulances and Jurek Owsiak made of blocks will supply the WOŚP piggy bank

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For years, he has been building vehicles and buildings made of blocks, and for years he has been supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Poznań motorman Mateusz Wawrowski has prepared several unique models this time. In one of the sets you can bid for a miniature of Jurek Owsiak.

– I created two ambulances, which I donated to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – says Mateusz Wawrowski, a driver from Poznań, who has been making models from blocks for years.

The prototype of the first model – a white ambulance – was purchased thanks to the huge generosity of 260,000 donors during the collection “President Paweł Adamowicz’s last can for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity”. The action was organized right after the death of the local government official. To the virtual box almost PLN 16 million was received thenand for the money raised was used to buy a neonatal ambulance.

Ambulance with a premature baby

Model of a neonatal ambulance Volkswagen Crafter was made of 300 bricks. Jurek Owsiak put his signature on its roof. The model comes with figures of a paramedic, a doctor and a tiny child – a premature baby, as well as a medical stretcher with an incubator.

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A model of an ambulance funded from The Last Can by Paweł AdamowiczGOCC auctions

– The set includes a miniature incubator with red hearts, in which there is a premature baby – explains Wawrowski.

Ambulance for Ukraine with the conductor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The second model is a yellow ambulance – a miniature of an ambulance, which, thanks to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, went to Ukraine. The foundation bought it at the request of the Kharkov ambulance station. In addition to the ambulance, the set includes three figurines: a paramedic, a doctor and Jurek Owsiak. The winner of the auction will also receive a model signed by the head of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Jurek Owsiak and an ambulance for Kharkov made of blocksGOCC auctions

– In this model, many details were reproduced: there are Ukrainian names, there is a logo of the car, of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – lists Wawrowski.

But the bidders may be most attracted to Jurek Owsiak’s figurine. – He has a characteristic red heart on a yellow shirt, red pants and red glasses – describes the author of the model.

Mini tennis player

The Poznań tram driver reminds that Hubert Hurkacz joined the transfer of the ambulance to Kharkiv. Hence the presence at the auction also miniature tennis player made of blocks. – I prepared a model of a tennis court and its minifigure. In addition, I attach a photograph with Hubert Hurkacz’s handwritten signature, which I received on the day of this auction – says Wawrowski.

Hubert Hurkacz made of blocksGOCC auctions

The model shows Hurkacz at the moment of defending the match ball. – You can say that this is a frame from the Australian Open tournament – laughs Wawrowski.

All three auctions will end on February 5, 2023.

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31. Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Another 31st final The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is held under the slogan of fighting sepsis. The 31st Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will take place on the last Sunday of January, i.e. January 29, 2023.

Main photo source: GOCC auctions

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