WOŚP 2023 in Gdańsk. Magdalena Adamowicz, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz as volunteers


The Mayor of Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, and Magdalena Adamowicz, Member of the European Parliament and widow of the Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, who died during the WOŚP concert in 2019, took to the streets of Gdańsk as WOŚP volunteers. “It’s hard not to be here. This is wonderful, they commented. They met, among others, a dog full of hearts.

The 31st Grand Finale is underway. Also in Gdańsk, you can see red hearts and volunteers with cans everywhere. Among them, our reporter met Magdalena AdamowiczMEP and wife Paweł Adamowicz, killed during the WOŚP event in 2019.

Magdalena did not hide that it was a hard day for her. – It reminds me of the tragedy that affected our family, but also that it is better to share good and be smiling than carry hate, because we remember what it led to in 2019 – she commented.

Magdalena Adamowicz collected donations for the Great Orchestra of Christmas CharityTVN24


Hot and red hearts

Adamowicz also appreciated the generosity of the inhabitants of Gdańsk. – We give good. This is something wonderful, the best feeling, joy, hope. That is why I have been with the Orchestra from the beginning, with Paweł and my daughters, she said.

Not far from the MEP, she collected donations for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Gdansk. We all have hot and red hearts. It’s hard not to be here, she told us.

The inhabitants of Gdańsk threw money into the mayor’s can even during the interview. Some of them came with their dogs, and one small mongrel was covered with red hearts of the Orchestra.

The Mayor of Gdańsk took to the streets with a can of the Great Orchestra of Christmas CharityTVN24

Christmas atmosphere good

– A few words exchanged with so many people on the street show us that we can be good patriots, understand our common duty and be able to do something together – commented Dulkiewicz. – I am very happy that I can contribute to this atmosphere at least a little bit. As Poles, we know how to do something good, she added.

WOŚP Gdańsk. A dog in heartsTVN24

The 31st WOŚP finale is held under the slogan “Live healthy in a healthy world”. The collected funds will be used for fighting sepsis.

The 31st Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will be broadcast on Sunday from 6 am to midnight on TVN24 and TVN24 GO. Live report You can also follow it on tvn24.pl.

Main photo source: TVN24

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