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WOŚP 2023 Poznań – concerts, program of events of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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In Poznań, the main events are planned at the premises of the Poznań International Fair. The stage will include Peja and Organek. The “Star Orchestra” will also play there, headed by Darth Vader, who will exceptionally go to the light side of the force that day. And in the suburbs of the capital of Wielkopolska, Mieczysław Hryniewicz will again become a taxi driver for one day.

The 31st final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will take place on January 29. As usual, the street fundraiser, during which volunteers will collect donations in cans, will be combined with a number of events encouraging people to support the charitable campaign. Proceeds will be used to fight sepsis. As the organizers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity emphasize, this year the orchestra plays for both small and large.

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“Light” at the fair

In Poznan the event center will be located at MTP: in the Poznań Congress Center hall, Iglica (Pavilion 11), on Pewuki Square and in the East Hall. Throughout the day, the volunteers of the Ławica Staff will conduct fundraising, auctions and sports competitions there.

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In addition to traditional auctions (including the Golden Heart) and “Lights to Heaven”, the program included shows of paramedics, firefighters and… barbers, as well as various types of workshops and sports activities, including the “Count with Diabetes” run and cycling marathon. You will also be able to play in the city game “Find the WOŚP Lollipop”. There will also be a food truck town at the Fair. The winter attractions will include an ice rink and a Ferris wheel.

And all this with live music. One of the stars will be Organek and Peja. There will also be performances by the Poznań-based Quartet Proforma, cooperating with Kazik Staszewski, glam metal Vain Train and the alternative Decadent Fun Club (winner of the festival in Jarocin in 2017). Dance performances will be presented by three groups from Poznań: Activus Taniec i Fitness, Jazz Dance Studio – Anna Beker and the School of Dance and Ballet Fouetté.

WOŚP 2023 – auctions, auctions and concerts of the 31st Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

A unique orchestra

The “Star Orchestra” will also play at MTP. You will meet characters of a certain “distant galaxy” there. There will be a five with Lord Vader himself, take a photo with stormtroopers or stand eye to eye with Mandalorian bounty hunters, and do something good at the same time. At the “Star Orchestra” stand you will also be able to see props, helmets and models known from the “Star Wars” movies.

An unusual form of support for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will also be… throwing out electronic waste.

The actions are organized by the Waste Management Plant, the Poznań Palm House, the Recover Environment Foundation and the MB Recycling company.

– The donated waste will be weighed and converted into PLN – each ton is PLN 500 for the fight against sepsis. One of the containers for e-waste will be installed in the Poznań Congress Center pavilion – explains Krzysztof Kieszkowski, president of the Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation.

The collection is also held in schools and kindergartens in Poznań. In addition, the pool will include all electronic waste from household collections and used equipment collected in containers placed in Poznań from January 19 until the end of February.

Electronic waste container at ul. PotockaCity of Poznan

Take a Ride with the Taxi Driver from “The Changers”

Interesting attractions are also being prepared by the WOŚP staff in Tarnów Podgórne near Poznań.

Actor Mieczysław Hryniewicz, known for his role as Jacek Żytkiewicz in Stanisław Bareja’s cult series “Zmiennicy”, will change his yellow taxi for an electric car that day. For supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with a donation to the can, it will transport volunteers in the passenger seat around Tarnów Podgórny.

In Tarnowskie Termy you will be able to play underwater chess, and in the parking lot in front of the Technical School Complex you will be able to feel like a firefighter and take part in a firefighting simulation.

Main photo source: The headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Tarnowo Podgórne

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