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WOŚP 2023 Sosnowiec, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała – concerts, program of events of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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The final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in the Silesian Voivodeship will take place again this year in Sosnowiec. But it will also happen in other cities. Katowice invites you to a tram ride with live music. Bielsko-Biała – for an auction of upcycled chairs. Auctions of paintings of doctors and an unusual car that brought a family from Ukraine to Poland have already started online.

The 31st final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will take place January 29, under the slogan “We want to win against sepsis! We play for everyone – small and large!”. Sepsis is a set of symptoms caused by an uncontrollable, violent reaction of the body to an infection. Sepsis can lead to multiple organ failure, shock, and death within hours.

The final of the Orchestra in the Silesian Voivodeship will again take place in Sosnowiec.

Sosnowiec: Roksana Węgiel and noise-free light

The headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Sosnowiec invites you to the sports hall in the Zagórze district at ul. Mieroszewski Brothers and Sielecki Park.

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There will be attractions in the hall, especially recommended for families with children: first aid shows (as many as 60 phantoms have been prepared), artistic stands, handicraft fairs, music performances, animations, competitions.

The park will host the 8th Sosnowiecki Run Count with Diabetes, traditionally organized by the 71st WOŚP Staff Sosnowiec, Harpagan Sosnowiec and MOSiR. This year, three loops of one and a half kilometers are planned. The entry fee is PLN 30 (minimum) and will be collected in cans by WOŚP volunteers. Start at 10. Registration has already started.

Concerts will start at 3 p.m. in the park. The first on stage will be Gabi Foksa, followed by: Holly Blue, Universe, and the star of the evening will be Roksana Węgiel.

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The concert is co-organized by the Marshal’s Office and the Ars Cameralis Cultural Institution. The Marshal’s Office will also provide gadgets for the auction, including the official handball ball, which is played by the teams currently taking part in the World Championships held, among others, in Katowice.

The day’s attractions will also include a hockey match at the Winter Stadium. Which will start at 1.30pm. Participants will be offered a raffle, figure skating shows, go-kart races, face painting and a cafe with coffee, tea and homemade cake.

Traditionally, at 8 p.m. Light to Heaven will be released – as always, noiseless, played in one place. The show is the so-called Silence Show, in which pyrotechnic effects are used to generate a reduced sound level. Lasers and fire generators will also be used in the show.

Bielsko-Biała: chair auction

The ARKA Ecological Foundation invites you to the Sfera Gallery in Bielsko Biała on Saturday at 3 pm for the next edition of the “Chairs for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” campaign.

The gallery donated unused chairs, and students of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts named after Julian Fałat upcycled them. They gave the furniture a second life and a new, colorful version. They painted as many as 21 chairs according to their own designs. Each of them has a unique character. – These chairs are full of goodness, talent and commitment. Thank you very much – says Wojciech Owczarz, president of the ARKA Ecological Foundation.

Katowice: tram with live music and a battle of chefs

A tram with live music will run around Katowice on Sunday. Two folk bands will play: Kapela Fedaków and the band Dejcie Popór. Passengers do not have to validate tickets. The ride is possible for a drop in the can. “WOŚPoBana” will set off at 12 noon and you will be able to meet her on the route Centrum Przesiadkowe Zawodzie – Plac Wolności until 5 pm.

In the Youth Cultural Center Bogucie-Zawodzie at 44a Markiefki Street, on Sunday at 11 am, the Silesian battle of chefs known, among others, will begin. from MasterChef. They will prepare dishes inspired by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. After tasting all the dishes, the audience gathered in the room will vote for their favorite, which will win the competition. Entry to the Battle for a drop in the can.

Internet auctions

The Silesian Medical Chamber once again plans to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with an auction works of physician artists. Janina Janicka-Grabowska, MD, PhD, Krystyna Skupień, PhD, Marzena Swoboda-Dzideczek, PhD, Stanisław Mysiak and his wife Krystyna Mysiak donated their works for this purpose. The works were put up for auction on January 23 on Allegro, the auctions will last 10 days. Links to the auction with doctors’ works will be posted on January 23 on the ŚIL website and on ŚIL social media.

It’s already underway auction of the car Moskvich Aleko from Bielsko-Biała. This is a vehicle from 1990 with an amazing history. A family of eight came to Warsaw with it Ukraineescaping from the war. Three children and five adults traveled about 1,500 kilometers.

After cleaning and restoration, the car was put up for a charity auction under the slogan: “MOSKVICH FOR HELP UKRAINE”. The company that bought it – for over PLN 13,000 – wants the car to help someone again, which is why it put it up for auction by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Main photo source: WOŚP

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