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WOŚP 2023 Wrocław – concerts, program of events of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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A lot of attractions are being prepared on the weekend of the 31st Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Wrocław. The market square will turn into a concert space, but also an exhibition and automotive space. And in the Old Monastery, the first sounds of guitars will be heard on Friday.

The 31st GOCC final will take place on Sunday, January 29. On that day, concerts, shows, cultural and sports events will take place all over Poland. Volunteers will traditionally collect money in the streets. This year, the income from the fundraiser, online collections and Allegro auctions will be donated to the purchase of enabling devices faster diagnosis of sepsis.

Over 1,500 staffs have been registered throughout Poland, and about 120,000 volunteers will take to the streets of Polish cities. Over a thousand of them will collect money in Wrocław.

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The power of attractions

This year, as in previous years, the attractions of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Wrocław will focus on the Market Square and the Old Monastery. As the organizers assure, everyone will find something for themselves.

Treats for automotive fans on the Market Square. Traditionally, there will be all kinds of motorcycles and classic cars, as well as fire engines and the MPK crane, which was put up for one of the WOŚP auctions.

Another custom in Wrocław is a collection of volunteers with golden retrievers, who are just waiting for someone to stroke their fluffy faces and then sprinkle pennies into a can. Firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department will also appear with rescue dogs.

Jurek Owsiak about collecting goldens from WrocławKręcioła TV/ Golden Retriever WOŚP Wrocław

The youngest should not be bored. An amusement park will be built especially for them, including a ferris wheel. There will also be a science club of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and rescue services with their equipment.

Fans of guitar sounds will certainly be happy to visit the Music Zone of the Guitar World Record, where they will be able to receive gadgets of the Guitar World Record 2023. This will traditionally take place on May 1, but before that, those willing will be able to perform on stage themselves and become the star of the Wrocław GOCC Final.

Concerts on the occasion of the 31st Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Wrocław

Speaking of music, the first sounds will resound on Friday at 7 pm in the Old Monastery. The Witrażowa Room will be taken over by young Wrocław rock bands Hollow Sign, Overdose, Pink Ritual and Hipnotyk. On Saturday at the same time, concerts will be continued by The Breslauers, Kołdra, Luiza Kalita and Under the Shower. On the same day, the best shantymans will play in the Gothic Hall: Samanta Orchestra, Beyond the Horizon, Jan and the Klan, Towards the Port, Suddenly Project, Krzykaśki, and Banana Boat.

On January 29 – on the day of the 31st GOCC Finale – the performances will take place on two stages. The main one on the Market Square will start its operation at 1 pm with the performance of the IPS International Choir, i.e. a choir composed of 40 talented children of several different nationalities. The choir is led by teachers from the IPS school, Aleksandra Zembroń and Alicja Łopatto.

Next, a concert of songs from fairy tales, joint singing of “Blue trams run on rails”, and then the guitar part – riffs about all-time solos and a joint performance of “Hey Joe”.

Shamla Kalbelia Sapera Group, a dance and music folk group from India, will also appear on the stage. On the WOŚP stage, he will present the Kalbelia dance – typical of the desert tribes of Rajasthan and several other dance styles from his province.

Shortly before Światek do Nieba, Dziubek Band will perform with guests, i.e. the first professional brass band in Poland. The musicians play in concert and dance versions, and also perform the most difficult compositions of classical, film and popular music in surprising arrangements. It will be a two-hour feast, where the conductor will host many famous artists and singers.

On Sunday, the Old Monastery will be the second stage. There, the events will start at 3.30 pm with the project Women Have a Voice!, in which 12 talented vocalists from Wrocław will perform. Then warm reggae rhythms, i.e. the Bethel band. For fans of Polish rock, the greatest hits played under the direction of Marek “Sting” Popow as part of the Przeżyj to sam! project. Light to Heaven will be followed by the leading representative of the Polish alternative scene, celebrating its 18th birthday – the Poznan band Muchy.

31. Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in WrocławGreat Orchestra of Christmas Charity #4912

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