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WOŚP 2024. A space opportunity from Polish scientists

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The Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences has prepared an out-of-this-world auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The opportunity to engrave your name and surname on the first entirely Polish scientific instrument in history, prepared for NASA’s heliospheric mission – IMAP, went under the hammer. The probe will fly away from Earth to a distance of one and a half million kilometers.


The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is getting closer. In line with the goal of this year’s collection “Lungs after the pandemic”the funds will be used to purchase equipment “diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of lung diseases of patients in pulmonary departments for children and adults”. The finale is accompanied by a slogan “Everything is OK here!”

As part of the Final, unusual online auctions are organized. One of them was prepared by the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which is working on the first ever entirely Polish instrument that will be used by NASA. “In just a few months, the GLOWS photometer will be transported to the laboratories of Johns Hopkins University, where it will be integrated with nine other devices on the IMAP space probe. Next year, the probe will launch on the Falcon 9 rocket,” we read in the auction description.

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AUCTION: Send your name into space

Prof. Maciej Bzowski about NASA’s heliospheric mission

– The Space Research Center has offered the opportunity to send its signature into space. The signature will be engraved on the side wall of the GLOWS photometer – explains Prof. Maciej Bzowski from the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, presenting an “early engineering model” of the device.

The Polish photometer, an instrument used to measure various light parameters, is being prepared for one of the next NASA missions. – The satellite will be the American IMAP probe, which in 2025 will fly quite far, to the Lagrange point L1, i.e. approximately 1.5 million kilometers towards the Sun – explains Prof. Bzowski.


– The aim of the mission is a fairly comprehensive examination of the heliosphere. We want to know what the interaction of a star like the Sun, one around which we know for sure that life arose, with the galactic environment is. The nominal duration of the mission is 2 years, but we have fuel for the solar cycle or even longer, i.e. for several years. Then, when it is completed, the entire satellite will naturally drift into space and move in orbit around the sun, the scientist says.

Space auction from Polish employees of the ESTEC Space Technology Research Center TVN24 BiS/Hubert Kijek

WOŚP 2024. A great riot in the middle of winter

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has been playing since 1993. For 31 years, the WOŚP Foundation has supported the Polish medical care system thanks to one-day public collections – called Finals: it buys the most modern medical equipment for hospitals, runs eight nationwide medical programs, implements an educational program and promotes a healthy lifestyle and preventive activities. During 31 Finals, WOŚP collected nearly PLN 2 billion, which was used to purchase 71.5 thousand various medical equipment. During most of the Finals, the Orchestra played to improve the quality of medical care for children. But not only. Last year, among other things, the Foundation played for adults. In January 2023, PLN 243,259,387.25 was collected for the fight against sepsis. This year, approximately 120,000 volunteers in over 1,600 staffs are collecting money in traditional cardboard cans, and hundreds of online collections and auctions for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are taking place on the Internet.

Main photo source: TVN24 BiS

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