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WOŚP 2024. Jerzy Owsiak Conference. What he said

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We had a meeting with the heads of the uniformed services and we can say that at this time the Finale is going very calmly, very joyfully, very nice – said the president of the Great Christmas Orchestra, Jerzy Owsiak, during the evening press conference of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


The 32nd final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is underway. In line with the goal of this year’s collection “Lungs after the pandemic” the funds will be used to purchase equipment “for the diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of lung diseases of patients in pulmonary departments for children and adults.” The finale is accompanied by a slogan “Everything is OK here!”

All the most important events are broadcast throughout the day on TVN, TTV, TVN24 and on the tvn24.pl website.

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32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on TVN24TVN24

Jurek Owsiak’s conference

At the conference after 9 p.m., Jurek Owsiak announced the latest amount collected by WOŚP – PLN 119,325,628.

– So far everything is calm, we had a meeting with the heads of the uniformed services and we can say that at this time the Final in Poland is going very calmly, very joyfully, very nice – he said. – Warsaw, which has changed its place for the first time to a completely different one, i.e. Błonia PGE Narodowy, will probably marry this place because it is extremely convenient, convenient access, convenient stay, convenient departure – added Owsiak.

He also talked about Light to Heaven, which “might have been enjoyable.” – It all had the joy of creation, the joy of performance, head tilts, lots of flames, a bit of Rammstein, beautiful music – very different, because it started with kujawiak and ended with guitar, very rock’n’roll – he said.

– There were lights all over Poland, very creative, there was something happening everywhere and we are very, very grateful for that. We would like to thank all the organizers who form the teams – he said.

Jurek Owsiak's entire conference after 9 p.m

Jurek Owsiak’s entire conference after 9 p.mTVN24

“This day is a preview of what we will do later throughout the year.”

Owsiak’s previous conference took place around 2:30 p.m. – The can, this very important element of our collection, will have to wait a little longer. These cans now work very hard, although in a few places in the world, as in Australia, have already finished their playing, there is already a big counting. We will also collect these reports from our staffs who play all over the world, said Owsiak.

He informed about an unusual situation that took place in Krakow, where PLN 100,000 was thrown into a can at one time. – We looked at the situation and see what it looks like. But it happened, he argued.

Owsiak: in Krakow there was a can containing 100,000 at one time.  zlotys

Owsiak: in Krakow there was a can containing 100,000 at one time. zlotysTVN24

Owsiak emphasized that “from the very beginning, the Orchestra has been based on media, on cameras, on radio microphones, on what we can see and what we can tell.” – This year is a special year. Our main broadcaster, i.e. TVN, TVN24, TTV, Player, shared the signal when we opened the 32nd Final at 8.25 a.m. – he said. He added that this year Public Television is also playing with the Orchestra. – This is an amazing platform to tell Poles what we are doing and what is happening, not only on this day, because this day is a preview of what we will do later throughout the year – he emphasized.

“It’s safe, it’s calm”

Owsiak said that members of the WOŚP medical department talked to guests and experts about what had been achieved so far. – We are mainly talking about sepsis, which was the topic of last year’s Final. And then we said that we wanted to chase away this evil, we wanted to defeat sepsis. I think that after these meetings, you will confirm later, we as the Foundation won against sepsis – said the president of WOŚP.


– We bought devices that are already working in biological laboratories all over Poland, and today we will also welcome and talk to politicians in this studio. This is extremely important, this is important, this is part of our work – emphasized Owsiak.

He announced that the Minister of Health would appear in the WOŚP studio Izabela Leszczyna and Minister of Education Barbara Nowacka. He added that uniformed services were present earlier. – We hosted, among others, the fire brigade commander and the police commander. We talked about safety, we talked about city ​​guardthe one in Warsaw, but we also talked about those city guards that work in many, many cities and towns all over Poland – said Owsiak.

– This news says that it is very safe – he assured.

Owsiak declared that “120,000 volunteers are doing a great job.” – It’s safe, it’s calm. We connect with the two poles of the globe that play with us, he added.

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