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WOŚP 2024. They organized their finale two weeks earlier. Students from the school in Oława played for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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The holidays will not disturb us – decided the students of the school in Oława and, without waiting for the last Sunday of January, they organized the Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on Friday. It was as it should have been – only earlier. The final for the whole of Poland will take place in two weeks.

Students of Primary School No. 1 in Oława are playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the 12th time. – Today our children are leaving for winter break, so we started playing at school 3-4 weeks earlier. Today we are concluding our orchestral involvement with a single finale, said Justyna Piotrowska, a teacher at Primary School No. 1 in Oława, on Friday.

A photo session, thousands of dumplings, games in every classroom and a magical attic – there were many attractions, as befits the Finale. – The entire school community, parents and scouts also help and the Cub Scouts are involved in ensuring that there is as much money as possible – says Daria Smertyha-Kurek from the ZHP Oława troop. This year we have already managed to collect over PLN 25,000.

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For some others, the WOŚP Finale is already underway. Four cyclists ride from the sea to the Tatra Mountains. He intends to travel 1,000 kilometers, all for one purpose – to support the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. – We created our own piggy bank to meet this need. We have a GPS transmitter with us and we have a website where you can see how the heart, because there is a heart on this website, of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is moving to the south of Poland. Well, we plan to travel for these 72 hours. We encourage everyone who can meet us on the route to come and ride with us for a while – explains Paweł Puławski.

The staff in Liverpool took the orchestra can to the British heightsTVN24

Sports and artistic

Puppet and Actor Theater “Kubuś” named after Stefan Karski created a doll with the likeness of Jerzy Owsiak – responsible for all this confusion. – The type of doll is Javanese. I think this is the only doll with Owsiak’s likeness on a rock, I would even say the world’s best – says Jolanta Świstak, literary director of the Kubuś Puppet and Actor Theater. Stefan Karski in Kielce. The inhabitants of Zgierz prepared two huge piggy banks. – We want to leave one at the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center and put the other one on Allegro (…) Collection in person only, because it is really very large – notes Radosław Tomas, chief of staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Zgierz.

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Everyone will find something for themselves during the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auctions. Marcin Gortat – former NBA basketball player – offers a helicopter flight for two people to the speedway grand prix in 2024. A day with Śląsk Wrocław football team is also up for auction. The winner will take part in training and learn the secrets of the work of the coach and the entire team. – Currently, the bidding is at around PLN 10,000, so we are just getting started. I would really like there to be at least five in the front. Football is a magical sport that particularly interests people. If we can use this popularity to do something good, then we don’t need to be persuaded twice – explains Aleksander Łoś, general director of Śląsk Wrocław. – We are open to having dinner with the players, entering the locker room, attending a briefing, training, and perhaps also talking to selected players – says club coach Jacek Magiera.

The police and army are playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity again.  Minister Marcin Kierwiński: I will send an official letter

The police and army are playing with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity again. Minister Marcin Kierwiński: I will send an official letterMaria Mikołajewska/Fakty TVN

Multiple auctions

Athletes, actors, journalists, politicians – all play for one goal. Meetings with stars are up for auction. Joanna Krupa invites you for dinner, Natalia Nykiel invites you for a bike ride. It’s also an opportunity to get to know the behind-the-scenes of working in television. TVN24 journalists invite you to the studio – you will be able to bid for a day in the TVN24 editorial office.

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But WOŚP auctions are primarily auctions from the heart. Jagienka, who struggles with a serious illness on a daily basis, prepared her own ceramic vessels for auction. All this to raise as much money as possible for the purchase of equipment for diagnosing, monitoring and rehabilitation of lung diseases of patients in pulmonology departments for children and adults. – WOŚP not only works directly in the sense of providing new equipment, but also creates a certain atmosphere, a certain need for change. It sets full standards and buys the highest quality equipment – admits Maciej Bryl, MD, director of the Greater Poland Center for Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery.

So far, the foundation has purchased 70,000 devices. The Grand Final will take place in two weeks – on January 28.

Main photo source: TVN24

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