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WOŚP 2024. TVN24 and TVN auctions for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Journalists encourage bidding

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A souvenir pass from the electoral commission from Maja Wójcikowska, a day with TVN24 reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski and a behind-the-scenes tour of the “Without Politics” program with Piotr Jacoń. All this can be auctioned at TVN24 auctions for WOŚP. On Saturday morning, journalists told us what attractions they had prepared for the winners.

The 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will be held on January 28, 2024, under the slogan “Lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults!”. It is accompanied by the motto “Everything is OK here!”. Auctions organized by TVN, TVN24 and TTV journalists appeared on Allegro. Among them, among others: a souvenir pass from the electoral commission no. 280 in Warsaw from last year’s elections from Maja Wójcikowska, visit to the set of “No Politics” and coffee with Piotr Jacon and a day together with a TVN24 reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski. On Saturday, all three of them were guests of the “Wstańsz i weekend” program on TVN24.

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Historic election stamp

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– We were wondering how to explain and tell viewers about this historic turnout. October 15 is the day when you wrote a beautiful history of civil society, over 74 percent turnout – said Maja Wójcikowska.

The reporter had an election night then. – She recalled that just before the end of the election silence, she was walking along the line of people still waiting to vote. – I measured the turns, the people waiting for the polling station, because just before nine o’clock (9 p.m. – editor) it was obvious that all of them would not be able to vote by nine o’clock. At exactly nine o’clock, employees of the City Hall came to the end of the line and handed out committee stamps to all those waiting, which authorized them to vote after the election silence. This silence ended at nine o’clock. In this committee at the Warsaw Wola district, voting continued on October 16. There was pizza and, of course, the historic words of the head of this commission, Jolanta Ławrynowicz-Filipiak, who at the end, after midnight, said to me: – Thank you, compatriots – recalled the journalist.

She invited people to bid for the stamp, which would be handed over to the buyer at the pizzeria that delivered the pizza to the polling station, accompanied by the head of the commission, who moved the nation when she tearfully spoke about the historic turnout.

Television from the kitchen

In the profession of a reporter, no two working days are the same. In a few moments, everything can change like in a kaleidoscope. Mateusz Grzymkowski invites you to the TVN24 editorial office in Białystok, where he will talk about the behind-the-scenes of live broadcasts, preparations for everyday work, recording interlocutors and editing materials. In addition, the person who wins the auction will be able to go with the team to take photos, conduct a street survey on their own, edit short footage and try their hand at being in front of the camera.

– You will be able to talk, appear in front of the camera yourself, because someone may want to do camera tests, and we will also edit a short material, a so-called play, so that someone can see what framing is all about and how everything is created. It’s not as easy as it looks on TV every day, said Mateusz Grzymowski.

Up for auction is a day together with TVN24 reporter Mateusz GrzymkowskiTVN24

Behind the scenes of the “No Politics” program

Piotr Jacoń invites you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the “Without Politics” program. In a cafe in Warsaw’s Powiśle, where the recordings are made, you will be able to immerse yourself in the heart of the production, meet the TV crew and their work. It will also be a unique opportunity to personally listen to a conversation with a guest of the program.

– I don’t know who will be my guest or guest on the set of “No Politics”. First of all, dear person, if you bid on a meeting with us, you will see how many people work on the program “Without Politics”, because it is not just me sitting comfortably in an armchair and it is not only the guest or guest of a given episode. There are also a few people who help me a lot, including Klara Styczyńska, who is my producer – said the journalist.

– I don’t know what it will be like, I don’t know who it will be for sure, but I think it will be quite a unique opportunity to meet and see what such a conversation looks like live. I’ll give you a hint that it’s more of a one-to-one conversation, we try not to edit these conversations, so be prepared to sit there in a cafe for an hour just for the recording, and then, after the recording, for free conclusions and free statements from me and the person who will bid on this match – added Jacoń.

Piotr Jacoń invites you on a trip behind the scenes of the program "No politics"

Piotr Jacoń invites you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the “Without Politics” programTVN24


Main photo source: TVN24

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