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WOŚP and SWPS want to fight violence among youth. A special application has been launched

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Violence in school has many faces and leaves many scars. It’s not just the physical ones, but the mental and emotional ones as well. The phenomenon exists, and withdrawal, deep sadness, pain, or depression can be its result. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity decided to act, so it bought a program that will go to dozens of schools.

– Imagine, your daughter, this delicate Kasia, who goes to the 7th grade of primary school, quarreled with her friend. As a result, various things happened. The problem is that it happened three months ago and today the relational violence towards this Kasia has reached such a level that she simply cannot cope mentally – says Piotr Ciszek, president of RESQL. It is these phenomena that the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, together with the SWPS University, wants to fight now. – It’s like giving money for a test. As if in medicine for a cure. This is a medicine – explains Jerzy Owsiak.

Diagnosing that a child is experiencing peer violence is not always so obvious. Symptoms – depending on the age of the student – can be different. – For example, they may look like depression, i.e. they may manifest themselves as sadness, withdrawal, sleep disorders, appetite problems, there may be reluctance to go to school, there may be reluctance to leave the house – enumerates Danuta Wieczorkiewicz, a psychologist from the Foundation “See… I AM.” To help students, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity purchased a special program to combat aggression in schools. – This is not just an app. This is a training system. These are things that are related to how to communicate with children, how to do it, how interventionists are to establish cooperation with children, how they are to work with them on a daily basis – explains Piotr Ciszek.

Szredzińska: in 2018, 41 percent of children said they experienced psychological or physical violence at the hands of their loved onesTVN24

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A chance for youth

Violence can be reported with RESQL. The report will go to the person who is able to help. This will be a teacher or school psychologist. Thanks to the financing of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – the program will go to 50 Polish centers. – It comes back to us in the form of calm kids, calm, solved problems, a conflict society is a difficult society, a society that lives with difficulty – believes Jerzy Owsiak. The program will benefit, among others, schools in Warsaw Białołęka. – 99 out of 100 presses of these buttons will not have their finale. But if one of them stops some violence or saves a life, it’s worth it, says Tomasz Remiszewski, headmaster of Primary School No. 361 in Warsaw.

What happens to Polish students is not only physical or mental violence. It is also cyberbullying, relational violence and sexual violence. – 50 percent of students experience one or more forms of violence – warns Danuta Wieczorkiewicz. One in three young people also encounters a lack of acceptance among their peers. – Peer violence, if it is long-term, can end tragically. This is mental health damage. Peer violence leads to depressive disorders and anxiety disorders – enumerates Dominik Kuc, coordinator of the “Ranking of LGBTQ+ Friendly Schools”, “Growspace” Foundation.

People in mental crisis can also find help by calling the helpline number, but also the emergency number.

You will get support at these numberstvn24.pl

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