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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Wounded and old soldiers still defend Kharkov. They have weapons from World War II and ammunition from various countries

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There are areas that Ukraine cannot lose. These are areas close to Kharkov. If Putin's army takes it over, it will include the second largest city in the country. The Ukrainians defend themselves as best they can, but they admit that they have too few weapons and the Russians – too many drones.

There are places that Ukrainians cannot give to Putin. The village of Łypci is one of them. Destroyed military equipment lies in the streets. Houses burn after the attacks. Soldiers can only move at night.

Despite the danger, the Ukrainians hold the city in their grasp, but if they lose, Russian missiles will reach Ukraine's second largest city – Kharkov.

“You can still smell the shells that landed here about an hour ago,” CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh reported. He is one of the first reporters allowed there. Only soldiers remain, they are hiding underground.

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The soldiers in Kharkov have too few weapons and the Russians have too many drones

The 13th National Guard Brigade was the first to resist the new Russian offensive. – You can see everything burning with your own eyes. It happens every night, says Oleksandr Khartija from the National Guard of Ukraine. – Nothing was prepared here. Nothing. All positions are built by the hands of infantry. Russians are trained professional soldiers. We can see it in their equipment and tactics, he adds.

There had been eight shellings in the last hour alone, so reporters had to leave the scene soon. There was a buzzing sound near them. They would only know for sure whose drone it was if it attacked them. The soldiers in Kharkov don't have enough weapons. The Russians have too many drones.

The 92nd Assault Brigade showed reporters something that doesn't belong to them. Namely, Russian artillery that was captured in the Kharkov region in the first year of the invasion. Now they are using French mortar shells to fire, which shows how little ammunition they have at their disposal. They use wire to protect against drones.

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The Ukrainian headquarters reports the destruction of the Russian minesweeper “Kovrovets” Reuters

The specter of Russian advances hangs over all life

Another unit showed weapons dating back to the Soviet Union. Produced in the 1940s, the mortar can still fire newer Polish shells. In the fall they were able to fire a hundred shells a day, now only ten.

– What is extraordinary is that something that is three times as old as these men is used to stop a Russian offensive in 2024. They say that the metal is so old that it limits the number of shots fired – describes Nick Paton Walsh.

The soldiers in the bunker showed the reporter a gadget they bought online for $30. This is their best warning mechanism. This team is a symbol of Ukrainian exhaustion and resistance. There are older soldiers there, as well as those who were wounded in battle but are still fighting. – It's Orlan. Don't go outside, says the Ukrainian soldier, Artur. He saw a Russian drone flying by – Orlan. He says it's better to stay inside. He himself still has a piece of the drone in his arm.

The Russians bombed a recreation center on a lake near Kharkov. The specter of Russian advances hangs over all life. Any house can be a target. Darkness is a small salvation. There are always too many explosions before dawn.

Author:Nick Paton Walsh/CNN

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Main photo source: CNN

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