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WP about “Bielana’s web”. Employers’ Association Business & Science Poland under the supervision of the Republican Party

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The Employers’ Association Business & Science Poland is another institution, next to the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR), staffed by the Republican Party and its head, Adam Bielan. Funds for operations are provided by state-owned companies, including Orlen, LOT, KGHM and the Warsaw Stock Exchange, reported Wirtualna Polska.

As the portal reminded, “The Republican Party is a group established in June 2021, as a consequence of the war for leadership in the Agreement Jarosław Gowin“. He added that “after Deputy Prime Minister Gowin was expelled from the government, the new party Adam Bielan was to help PiS in restoring the parliamentary majority and guaranteeing the continuity of government”, and “cooperation between Jarosław Kaczyński and Adam Bielan was sealed by the signing of a coalition agreement in October 2021, “the details of which remain secret”.

“Wirtualna Polska sources indicate that the heads of PiS and the Republican Party in the document sealed the influence of Adam Bielan’s people on the Business & Science Employers’ Association. It is an institution paid by state-owned companies to lobby in the European Union,” the portal wrote.

“How PiS shared the political loot with the Republican Party”

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In the article “Pajęczyna Bielana. We reveal how PiS divided political spoils with the Republican Party” it was indicated that Business & Science Poland is a Polish lobbying institution operating in Brussels, which was opened in 2019 by the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “State-owned companies are generously contributing to the maintenance of the Union” and, according to the WP analysis, “over the first three years of its activity, the union received a total of almost PLN 24.4 million in contributions.” “But it is supposed to watch over EU regulations and influence their creation” – the portal reported.

He added that according to his sources, giving the Republican Party supervision over this institution is part of a secret coalition agreement with PiS.

According to the portal, the three-person board includes two people associated with the Republican Party environment. “He is the president of Artur Zasada, a former member of the Jarosław Gowin Agreement. Adam Bielan appeared in his election spots and praised for his wordiness. Wojciech Kasprowski, a member of the Republican Party board, is also on the board. In 2021, the entire board received PLN 1.3 million in remuneration, i.e. on average, over PLN 400,000 per head” – we read in the article.

It was pointed out that salaries are the biggest cost of functioning of the Union, which has officially suffered losses in recent years. “In 2021, PLN 5.8 million went to salaries; according to BSP reports, the union had 9 full-time jobs at that time,” it was written.

It was added that people from the Business & Science Poland Employers’ Union have ties not only to the Republican Party, but also to the National Center for Research and Development. The links between the Business & Science Employers’ Union and the Republican party are to be proved by: the composition of the board, close cooperation with the National Center for Research and Development and a fragment of a secret coalition agreement.

“The Business & Science Poland Employers’ Association brings together many state-owned companies and state institutes. According to the analysis of Wirtualna Polska, ZP BSP members paid nearly PLN 24.4 million in membership fees in 2019-21. In 2021 alone, it was almost 8, PLN 6 million,” the portal reported.

He added that “at the moment, the BSP budget is funded by: Orlen, the Industrial Development Agency, Grupa Azoty, PPL Airports, LOT, Totalizator Sportowy, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Polish Security Printing Works, Poczta Polska, KGHM Polska Miedź, Central Communication PortNational Food Group, Polish Trade and Investment Agency and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (both from the PFR group), Katowice Special Economic Zone, Future Industry Platform and Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.

“In 2021, the Union collected almost PLN 8.6 million in contributions. It also earned nearly PLN 1.8 million on renting office space and other services. PLN 5.8 million was spent on salaries (plus PLN 751,000 in social security and other contributions benefits). So salaries consumed as much as 63 percent of the Union’s revenues in 2021. The organization indicates in its reports that it had nine full-time jobs in 2021 (it does not state in the reports how many people it employs under civil law contracts or other forms of employment) “- she wrote HR.

In the reply sent to Wirtualna Polska, BPS explains that the high cost of salaries is the result of, among others, the employment of experts on the Brussels market, their extensive experience and labor costs in Belgium. High – and similar – rates are also to be paid by employees in other lobbying organizations. Business & Science Poland explains that the entire team consists of 21 people. And it is this group that payroll costs are distributed to” – the article states.

Adam Bielan did not answer the portal’s questions on this matter.

A request for a photo with a beneficiary of a grant from the National Center for Research and Development. Adam Bielan answerstvn24

The scandal at the National Center for Research and Development

It is about the case of two grants awarded as part of the competition of the National Center for Research and Development “Fast track – digital innovations”. The first subsidy, amounting to PLN 55 million, was awarded to a company with a capital of PLN 5,000. PLN established 10 days before the deadline for submitting applications, by a less than 30-year-old. The company’s application received the lowest possible score for financing.

The second suspicious subsidy – in the amount of PLN 123 million – was awarded to the Białystok company Chime Networks for a project on “undersea cybersecurity”, which had been making losses in the last two years.

At the beginning of March, KO parliamentarians Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba, who conducted the parliamentary control at the NCBiR, announced that the payment of funds to these two companies had been blocked. They also presented the network of connections between these companies and the Republican Party.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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