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Wrocanka. He rolled over on the road, escaped from the car and hid in a ditch. He was drunk

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More than 2.3 per mille of alcohol was in the body of a 47-year-old man who rolled over his car on the road in Wrocanka (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). The man fled the scene of the accident and hid in a ditch.

On Saturday (July 8) in the evening in the village of Wrocanka in the Jasło district, witnesses found a car lying on the roof on the district road. Arriving at the scene, the police showed the direction in which the driver went. After a while, officers found a man hiding in a ditch.

– It turned out to be a 47-year-old resident of the Tarnowiec commune. After checking the database, it turned out that he had his driving license revoked, and the alcohol test carried out right after the man’s arrest showed over 2.3 per mille – said junior aspirant Daniel Lelko from the Jasło Police Department.

Police arrested a man who overturned on the road and fled the scene. He was drunk TSO Tarnowiec

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He added that the 47-year-old had been arrested. He is currently sobering up in police custody. Charges will be brought against him thereafter.

The car was towed to a guarded police car park.

Main photo source: TSO Tarnowiec

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