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Wroclaw. A 25-year-old Ukrainian died in a sobering-up center. One of the policemen released from service

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The Voivodship Commander of the Police in Wrocław dismissed one of the policemen participating in the intervention at the Wrocław Center for the Assistance of Drunken Persons. On July 30, 25-year-old Dmytro, a citizen of Ukraine, died there. The man was to be beaten and strangled. The case is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office.

On July 30, Dmytro Nikiforenko played with his friends on a barbecue with alcohol. In the late afternoon he was returning from the party by bus line N. At the Petrusewicz bus stop the driver called an ambulance for him. However, the rescuers did not see any grounds to transport the drunk man to the hospital.

The 25-year-old was taken to the Wrocław Center for Help for Drunken Persons. The police said he had behaved very aggressively during the intervention. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the Ukrainian citizen died on the same day he was brought to the center.


Policeman discharged from service

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“Gazeta Wyborcza” announced on September 2 that Dmytro died after police intervention. The journal established that the man was hit with gas, beaten with a club and strangled, as evidenced by the surveillance recording. In connection with this intervention, the city police commander in Wrocław decided to suspend the officers who intervened on the spot, and the procedure for expulsion from service was initiated against two of them.

On Friday (September 10), the press team of the Lower Silesian police announced the release of one of the policemen who intervened against the 25-year-old. The decision to release – according to the information on the website of the Lower Silesian police – was made because “it was required by an important interest of the service”.

“The Voivodship Commander of the Police in Wrocław decided that there were doubts as to whether an officer met the statutory requirements set out in Article 25 (1) of the Police Act, which condition the possibility of performing service in the Police, as well as the police officer breached the obligation specified in Article 27 (1) of the Act. about the Police, ie the rota of policemen oaths “- it was emphasized in the press release.

“Disciplinary proceedings are underway against the three remaining officers participating in the above-mentioned intervention, including one administrative procedure aimed at dismissal from service in the Police pursuant to Article 41 (2) (5) of the Act on the Police. suspended in official activities “- we read in the release.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the death of the 25-year-old

The policemen remind that, irrespective of the above decisions, the investigation is conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica.

The spokesman for the unit, Tomasz Orepuk, said that proceedings were underway for the manslaughter of the 25-year-old. However, he emphasized that so far no one had heard any accusations in this case.

– We are waiting for expert opinions. We are waiting, inter alia, for the opinion of an expert in forensic medicine and an expert in the field of audiovisual techniques – says the prosecutor.

A recording from the monitoring cameras of the Wrocław bus TVN24

Main photo source: monitoring

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