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Wroclaw. A dead rat floated up in the apartment’s toilet. There’s going to be more riots in the city

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Wrocław has been dealing with a rat problem for a long time. Especially in tenement districts of the city – but not only – rodents feed on garbage cans, and their squeaks in the evenings are heard in the backyards. As it turns out, these animals venture further and further. The journalist of “Super Express” posted a photo of a dead rat that appeared in the toilet of one of the residents.

There is a common opinion in Wrocław – also repeated by the rat-catcher we spoke to – that there are several rats per inhabitant. According to various statistics, the capital of Lower Silesia is currently inhabited by less than 700,000 people, up to a million, taking into account the wave of refugees from Ukraine. After all, if the theory is true, several million rats can live in sewers, dumpsters, basements and other corners of the city.

Rodents particularly like the backyards of Ołbin or Nadodrze, where garbage cans often stand with open flaps. Although they have real use in the very center of the city, in places where food outlets get rid of waste.

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Rat in the toilet

As it turns out, rats are not only in the garbage and sewers anymore. Marcin Torz, a journalist from Wrocław, “Super Express”, posted a photo on Twitter showing a dead rat in the toilet of one of the residents.

“There are so many rats in the city that rodents are already entering apartments through toilets. The one in the picture, fortunately for the terrified tenant, drowned in the sewage system. But some rats don’t drown. It’s disgusting. Residents are scared. Does it have to be like this in this city to be?” the journalist asks on social media.

Owner of a rat extermination company: the trend is increasing

So we ask the same question to people who in different ways – directly, but also at the official level – try to fight the plague of rats.

Mateusz Krzyżowski is the owner of a company that comprehensively deals with deratization. As he himself admits, he has so many orders that he is constantly on the run.

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– The trend is unfortunately increasing. I believe it is two or three times what it was in previous years. These deratizations that are commissioned to us in Wrocław are for the needs of the moment, and not adapted to the fact that these rats are completely eliminated. When we have spring, summer and winter deratization, the alarm is raised during this period, but rats are present all year round – emphasizes Krzyżowski.

The expert adds that deratization should be more frequent. Rats carry dangerous diseases, are very intelligent, keep in herds. As he says, he met individuals the size of a cat.

Rats in WrocławMateusz Krzyżowski

The city has decided: there will be more deratization in Wrocław

The city council finally had to face the growing problem. At Thursday’s deliberations, it was decided that deratization in the very broadly understood city center (Old Town, Przedmieście Oławskie, Przedmieście Świdnickie, Huby, Tarnogaj, Ołbin, Nadodrze) should be carried out more often than before, because not five, but 10 months a year – from May to September and November to March.

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– A new deratization regulation has been adopted. (…) Importantly, it covers all owners and managers of areas, we are talking here about buildings, but also about municipal resources in the case of the city, about green areas in the case of the Municipal Greenery Authority and the City Moat, as well as about the sewage system – lists Marcin Obłoza from Wroclaw City Hall.

Spring deratization has started in WrocławTVN24 Wroclaw

Rubbish into the buckets and closing the hatch

“A lot is in the hands of the people. It is important to remember and comply with the fact that if we throw away food, it is only in places designated for this purpose – adds Obłoza.

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Mateusz Krzyżowski makes a similar appeal. – Dear residents of Wrocław, let’s not feed the birds, let’s pay attention to the fact that rats get good food from it. If we take out garbage, let’s throw it into the container, closing the lid, and not putting the bag next to the container. Rats are great at handling it and eating this waste. We call it the “canteens of the world” in the company – says Krzyżowski. And he adds: – It is also important to monitor and secure places where rats used to be.

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