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Wroclaw. A man with a mohawk on his head attacked women in broad daylight. The police detained the suspect

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Recently, in the center of Wrocław, a man with a mohawk on his head attacked women by surprise and then ran away. Although the police received reports, they did not initially address the case. On Wednesday afternoon, the press team of the municipal police department announced the arrest of the suspect and appealed to the victims.

It started with Mrs. Anna’s entry on one of Wrocław’s Facebook groups, where the woman described how, together with her mother, she was showing an elderly couple of friends from German after Wrocław. One of the sightseeing spots was the Wrocław Market Square. The entire conversation was in German. When Anna was pushing a wheelchair with a disabled friend, someone grabbed her arm. When she turned around, she received a strong blow to the face with her hand.

“I turned around because I thought something had fallen out of my pocket and a nice person noticed it. Instead, I was attacked by a young man, very thin, fair-skinned, with deep-set eyes and bony cheeks, and a mohawk. During the impact, he said something to me, probably in a foreign, Eastern-sounding language, because I couldn’t understand it at all. He hit me and ran away. He didn’t take anything from me or steal anything from me – the woman reported in an interview with “Gazeta Wrocławska”.

Moments later, a police car drove by. The policemen – according to Mrs. Anna’s words – made a note, but recommended that they also testify at the police station, which they did the next day. There she was to be told that if her injuries were not serious, she could file a civil law suit, but with the risk of incurring court costs. The police interrogating her were also to say that “he is probably not as dangerous as you say” – said the woman in an interview with the daily.

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Similar relationships

In the comments under the Facebook post, members of the group described similar experiences in the past. One of the women stated that she knew him, mentioned the man by name, and also pointed out that he had already been in a psychiatric hospital several times, so he was well known to the police and city ​​guard.

Other users wrote that he most often hangs around Świdnicka Street, where last year he tried to snatch a laptop bag from a child, and he was supposed to take a stroller with a child from another woman and knock it over on the pavement.

“On Sunday (June 4), when I was following an Asian girl, a similar situation also happened. She stopped to make way for a passing cyclist. This guy punched her in the face and then ran away,” another commenter reported, and yet another echoed that a day later a man attacked a woman on Oławska Street.

Suspect arrested

On June 7, “Gazeta Wrocławska” sent questions to the spokesperson of the Wrocław police about this man and the incident of June 6. But no answer came.

On Wednesday afternoon, the press team of KMP Wrocław published a statement in which it informed about “the arrest of a man suspected of violating the inviolability of women, which has recently taken place in the center of Wrocław.”

“Due to this fact, police officers appeal to all people who fell victim to this man to report to the police station at 12 Trzemeska Street in Wrocław. Let us remind you that the detained perpetrator of these crimes has a characteristic mohawk on his head and light hair. Contact to the unit conducting the case, i.e. the Wrocław-Stare Miasto Police Station, phone no. 47 87 131 31, 47 87 143 90 “- we read on the police website.

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