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Wroclaw. A NATO car stolen 18 years ago was recovered from the bottom of the Oder

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Thanks to the cooperation of the police, Polish Waters and the Water Rescue Service, it was possible to pull a car of NATO forces from the Odra River. The stolen vehicle was probably resting at the bottom for 18 years. Mud poured out of every crevice in the wreckage.

In August, the Water Rescue Service found a car wreck near the Rędziński Bridge while searching for a 23-year-old citizen of Ukraine who went missing in Wrocław in June 2020. Modern sonar indicated that there was a car resting at the bottom of the Oder river, which a moment later was confirmed by a diver who, in order to identify the vehicle, groped for the license plate and unhooked it.


– We handed over this plaque to the police. There were NATO markings on the board. It resembled a license plate from Germany, but additionally had three US letters on it. We checked on the internet what the vehicle plates from the Ramstein military base in Germany looked like. The table found by our diver was identical – said Mateusz Kujawa, president of the Water Rescue Service.

The sailors marked the site with the intention of returning and catching the wreckage. At the end of October, the barge was removed and served as a platform for the dredger. The Regional Water Management Authority in Wrocław has made an attempt to recover the vehicle from the bottom. The car, however, was firmly trapped in the muddy part of the river. Parts of the car broke off while being pulled out. The attempt was then unsuccessful.

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A NATO car was found in the Oder riverWater Rescue Service

Fish Out

On Friday, the services returned to the area of ​​the Rędziński Bridge and carried out a successful extraction of the wreck from the bottom. – This time the vehicle was properly secured with straps, which made it possible to extract it. The car was lying in the river for a long time, it was filled with silt inside, mussels naturally settled on it – says Kujawa.

The car was secured by the police. According to Krzysztof Marcjan from the press office of the Wrocław police, the vehicle has already been taken to the police parking lot.

– The wreck will be cleaned in the coming days – emphasizes Marcjan. This is necessary to “be able to fully conduct a visual inspection and confirm whether it is a Volkswagen lost years ago”.

Volkswagen was probably stolen in 2003Water Rescue Service

Earlier, the police reported that the found wreck was most likely a passat stolen from the streets of the Ołbin estate in Wrocław in 2003. The thieves may have pushed the car into the river to get rid of it.

– It is true that the case has already expired due to the past time, but we will explain how the car ended up in the water. I confirm that there were license plates attached to it, but we want to check this topic thoroughly after pulling the vehicle ashore. We hope that full identification will then be possible. It should be remembered that the car was probably under water for 18 years – said Paweł Noga from the press office of the Wrocław police at the end of October.

Over the years, the mule has filled the entire trunk, among other thingsWater Rescue Service

Main photo source: Water Rescue Service

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