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Wroclaw. A Panthers Wroclaw player is dead

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Under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office, the circumstances of the death of an American football player who plays for the Panthers Wrocław club will be clarified. Earlier, the police intervened against him. Paramedics gave him sedatives. He lost consciousness and died in the hospital.

The death of the player, a 28-year-old from Norway, was announced by the Panthers Wrocław club on social media, expressing condolences to his relatives Leo on behalf of the players, employees and owners. moved by this fact,” reads the club’s official website.

Police intervention

On August 25, before 10 p.m., police officers intervened in one of Wrocław’s housing estates in connection with “disturbing the peace”

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– Uniforms went to the place and it turned out that these acts were committed by an ob living nearby. Norway. In the initial phase of the intervention, the 28-year-old was quite calm and confirmed his involvement in these events, and added that he had previously drunk alcohol and taken drugs. He also indicated the place where marijuana and amphetamines are lying … – informs in the communiqué Wojciech Jabłoński, press officer of the city police commander in Wrocław. – The officers explained to the man that the possession of drugs in Poland is prohibited by law and he will have to be arrested. As they proceeded to do so, he began to offer passive and then active resistance. The man disobeyed the commands, tore and tore. Since the uniforms decided at some point that the man’s posture and irrational behavior would not allow them to continue these activities effectively, they called another patrol to help. Using direct coercion measures causing the lowest possible discomfort of their use, i.e. physical force and handcuffs, they overpowered the agitated man – he adds.

He lost consciousness and died in the hospital

Due to the psychophysical condition in which he was and the breathing problems that appeared later, the police officers called paramedics to – as stated in the statement – continue their activities together in a way that guarantees maximum safety.

– When the Medical Rescue Team arrived, the man was still very agitated and therefore the medics decided to use sedatives. Unfortunately, shortly after receiving them, he began to faint and lost consciousness. Professional cardiopulmonary resuscitation was started and his vital functions were restored. The 28-year-old was transported by an ambulance to one of Wrocław’s hospitals, where he unfortunately died after more than an hour, the policeman informs.

Prosecutor’s office and internal police cell

The prosecutor’s office was informed about the situation. The case was also dealt with by police control units on behalf of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław and the Internal Affairs Bureau of the Police.

– Currently, activities are underway to determine in detail the course of the intervention and the actions taken by officers and paramedics. Preliminary analysis of the case has so far revealed no irregularities in the actions taken. By the decision of the prosecutor’s office, an autopsy of the man’s body will be carried out – explains Kom. Wojciech Jabłoński.

Wroclaw police statement

The club cooperates with the police

Jakub Głogowski, the manager of the Panthers Wrocław club, assures that the club is cooperating with the police, and none of the players or employees of the club took part in the events of Friday evening.

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