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Wroclaw. After the court verdict, “Gekon” and “Michalina” have to give back 14 million, they were supposed to earn this amount on boosters

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They produced afterburners and sold them as preparations for cleaning the housings of desktops and laptops, and as desiccants. They were to earn over PLN 14 million on it. After the court verdict, they have to pay this amount to the State Treasury.

The District Court in Wrocław sentenced 17 members of an organized crime group that produced and traded designer drugs. All of them are to serve the sentences of absolute imprisonment. The group leaders, Łukasz W. “Gekon” and Michał W. “Michalina”, must pay the State Treasury PLN 7.2 million each, which they earned on illegal business.

The indictment covered 21 people

The Press Department of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office informed about the verdict in the case of “Michalina” and “Gekon” and members of the afterburner gang, which was passed on July 16 this year. The District Court in Wrocław issued a judgment in a case in which the public prosecutor was the prosecutor of the Lower Silesian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the Polish Committee. The indictment initially covered 21 people, but four of them chose to voluntarily submit to punishment without trial. The remaining 17 have just been sentenced.

“The court found the defendants guilty of participating in an organized criminal group in 2013-2018, causing danger to the life and health of many people by producing and marketing the so-called legal highs, possessing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and money laundering. The legal highs produced by criminals were sold under the name of the preparation for cleaning the housings of desktops and laptops and desiccants for computers “- PK informed.

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“Michalina” and “Gekon” have to give back 14 million in total

Michał W. ps. Michalina, the court sentenced to six years, and Łukasz W. ps. Gecko five years and six months in prison. The National Public Prosecutor’s Office informed that the court ordered the defendants to pay a fine and forfeit the value of the financial benefit of PLN 7.2 million each.

“The remaining members of the group received sentences ranging from one and three months to three years and six months in prison. The court did not impose a suspended sentence on anyone. The convicts will also have to pay fines, and they will forfeit their financial benefits in amounts ranging from 10 thousand zlotys to 270 thousand zlotys “- the prosecutor’s office reported.

“They acted with full awareness of the unlawfulness of their behavior”

The National Prosecutor’s Office informed that in the verbal grounds of the judgment, the District Court in Wrocław described the practice related to the production and trade of legal highs as “criminal” and “dangerous to the life and health” of people who took these drugs. Afterburners were sold at a stationary outlet at ul. Stawowa and “on the street”.

“The court unequivocally stated that the perpetrators acted with full awareness of the unlawfulness of their behavior and by marketing sachets with so-called legal highs, containing poisonous substances with even difficult to predict negative effects on health and life, they were guided only by the desire for profit” – emphasized the prosecutor in the issued on Wednesday in a statement.

The judgment is not final.

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