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Wroclaw. An 83-year-old woman was sentenced for hitting motorcyclists

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The Court of Appeal in Wrocław sentenced an 83-year-old woman to two years in prison for driving her car into a group of motorcyclists in 2019. One person died in the accident and seven motorcyclists were injured.

The accident occurred in September 2019 on national road No. 36 between Prochowice and Lubin. The then 79-year-old woman drove into the left lane of the road and hit a group of motorcyclists coming from the opposite direction.

In March this year, the 83-year-old was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence for unintentionally causing an accident by the District Court in Legnica.

An 83-year-old woman was sentenced for an accident

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The Court of Appeal in Wrocław changed this verdict and sentenced the accused to two years in prison, without suspension, said the spokeswoman of the Court of Appeal in Wrocław, Judge Małgorzata Lamparska, on Thursday.

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“She hit subsequent motorcycles riding in this column”

The incident occurred on September 14, 2019 on the section of national road No. 36 between Lubin and Prochowice. It was a warm, sunny afternoon. The road is dry, visibility is very good. Zofia K. was going from Wrocław to Lubin, the motorcyclists were going in the opposite direction. There were ten of them, they moved in an overlapping manner.

– The woman drove from her lane into the opposite lane, hitting the first motorcycle with the left front of the car, and then hitting subsequent motorcycles driving in this column. Her car then stopped across the lane of the other motorcyclists. They hit the car one by one – such findings of the prosecutor’s office were quoted by the spokesperson of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica, Lidia Tkaczyszyn, when informing about indictment against the woman.

One of the motorcyclists died on the spot.

An automotive expert determined that at the time of the accident, the steering system in the defendant’s car was defective. This caused driving instability and the need to make constant steering corrections. According to the expert, the malfunction occurred long before the accident and was audible and noticeable to the driver.

A motorcyclist died in an accident in MiłosnaTVN24 Wrocław | G. Hawala

– In the light of such findings of the investigation, the prosecutor accused Zofia K. of violating the safety rules in land traffic, i.e. the principle of technical efficiency of the vehicle, which resulted in her not keeping a safe distance when passing a column of motorcycles, not increasing due caution and driving into the opposite direction. lane, hitting motorcyclists riding in a group from the opposite direction – explained prosecutor Tkaczyszyn.

Zofia K.’s driving license was suspended. The driver of the Honda appeared in court. The woman faced up to eight years in prison and a 15-year driving ban.

Main photo source: TVN24 Wrocław | G. Hawala

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