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Wroclaw. An autistic boy goes missing on his way home from school. A police officer tracked him down on the phone

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The boy didn’t get on the bus he was supposed to take home after school and went missing. The parents notified the police. The situation was difficult because the teenager has an autism spectrum and contact with him is difficult. The duty officer of the Wrocław police station managed to establish telephone contact with the boy and determine his location.

As the senior aspirant Aleksandra Freus, the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław, reports, the boy did not get on the bus after finishing school lessons, to which his guardian should have taken him and had to return home alone. – Concerned parents tried to call their son, but he did not want to talk, he hung up, he was stressed by the situation, he could not tell where he was – the policewoman reports.

She found the boy on the phone

The parents reported the incident to the police. Aspirant Renata Piech, a duty officer from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław, who was on duty that day at the command post, managed to make contact with the boy.

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– He couldn’t tell where he was. The policewoman questioned him about what he saw around him, any points of interest that would help determine his location. The boy was very stressed, but thanks to the policewoman’s composure, she managed to keep the conversation going and determine his probable location, reports the officer Freus.

Aspirant Renata Piech managed to determine the location of the boy over the phoneKMP in Wrocław

Aspirant Renata Piech also coordinated police activities. She sent a police patrol to the place selected on the basis of the conversation with the boy.

– Every minute could be of great importance, so the policewoman decided that the police car sent to the area would move with the sound signals turned on, because she wanted to hear the sound coming from it on her phone. The idea and implementation turned out to be very effective, because they led to finding the boy – reports the KMP press officer.

“Her commitment and empathy were invaluable to us”

The boy found himself in the area of ​​the Old Town in Wrocław. The teenager’s parents sent a letter to the police station in which they thanked the police for their help and support.

The boy’s parents wrote a letter to the commander in which they thank the police for finding their son KMP in Wrocław

– In this situation, Aspirant Renata Piech showed great empathy, understanding and acceptance for the boy who, due to the fact that he suffers from autism spectrum disorders, required an appropriate approach. As she herself admitted, her female intuition and willingness to help helped her, emphasizes aspirant Aleksandra Freus.

Main photo source: KMP in Wrocław

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