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Wroclaw. Anti-vaccine slogans defamating the vaccine bus on the wall of the church and the bus shelter. MPK appeals to the police for protection

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The day before the announced arrival of the “graftobus” to the church in Wroclaw’s Leśnica, slogans defamatory of the action of the Wroclaw Municipal Transport Company appeared on the wall of the temple and the nearby bus shelter. The president of the company asked the police and city guards to provide protection in places where a bus with vaccines will be built. And he offers a reward for helping find the vandal.

“Szczepciobus” went to the streets of Wrocław at the beginning of July. A specially marked MPK bus, adapted to the role of a mobile vaccination point, has visited various parts of the city over the last month, giving hundreds of Wrocław residents an opportunity to vaccinate themselves easily and quickly in their neighborhood.


Inscriptions on the shelter and on the wall

Last weekend, the “Szczepciobus” went to the parish in Wroclaw’s Leśnica. As usual, the arrival was announced. Information about the possibility of immunization appeared on the Internet, and postcards informing about the action were also posted in the vicinity.

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– The day before the “vaccine bus” arrived in front of the parish, strange, aggressive, hateful slogans appeared on the shed and wall, defamating our action – says Bartosz Naskręski, spokesman for MPK Wrocław.

At the stop, among others, the inscription “BESTIOBUS”. Reading other subtitles, it is difficult to decipher what the author might have meant.

– These are not the first such manifestations of aggression. Even in July, single people appeared at the vaccination sites of the mobile point and threw hateful slogans at the doctors. Fortunately, there was no physical aggression then – adds Naskręski.

The inscription “BESTIOBUS” on the vaccine bus routeMPK Wrocław

Appeal to the police

Due to the growing anxiety, the president of MPK asked the commanders of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław and the City Guard for “cyclical preventive presence of the vaccine bus”. According to the president, this is to prevent possible acts of aggression in the future.

– Every act of vandalism and cowardice, like the one from Leśnica, motivates me and the team even more to work on vaccinations against COVID-19. I declare that each such prank will automatically extend the service of the “vaccine bus” for another two days. That’s about three hundred extra vaccinated. I will give the person who will indicate the perpetrators of this act the award of four thousand zlotys from my own funds – says the president of MPK Wrocław, Krzysztof Balawejder.

The slogans also appeared on the wall in front of the churchMPK Wrocław

We asked the spokesman of the Wrocław police whether the police would guard the MPK vehicle in connection with the appeal.

– We cooperate with MPK all the time. We support and will support this action. During the daily service, policemen will watch over the safety of the residents. We know the timetable of the “vaccinia bus” – assures Łukasz Dutkowiak, spokesman for the Wrocław police. And he adds that the officers are dealing with the inscriptions on the wall and the shed in Leśnica.

The scribbles have been washed away and the “vaccine bus” continues. In the coming days there will be, among others in Psie Pole, in front of Hydropolis, or in two parishes at Macedońska and Pszczelarska Streets.

Main photo source: MPK Wrocław

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