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Wroclaw. Bank employee scam. Kamil Zaremba was supposed to be deceived, instead he recorded a conversation with the scammer. Police urge caution

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First there is a phone call (allegedly) from the bank informing about a data leak. Then, the scammer victim panics and gives the caller the requested data, and his bank account is emptied by the criminals. Kamil Zaremba, president of the OnWater foundation from Wrocław, did not fall for this method. On TVN24, he told about his conversation with a cheater. This one – after unmasking – said: – We will change the approach and we will keep going. The police remind you not to fall for it.

A person impersonating a bank employee called Kamil Zaremba on Wednesday. The man informed that “funds in his account are at risk” and carried out a genuine-sounding verification procedure. – He used very credible, clean language from the hotline. I think to myself: something is wrong because he speaks with an Eastern accent. After a while, I make sure that the case is sewn with thick threads, so I try to listen to it further – reports Zaremba. As he adds, the amounts he was asked about, he made up on an ongoing basis.

The man prudently recorded the entire conversation. On the recording you can hear that after unmasking the fake consultant and noticing Mr. Kamil that he is not a very good cheater, he said: – We will change our approach and keep going.

He was supposed to be deceived, instead he exposed and recorded the deceiverTVN24

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An appeal for caution and tips from the police on how not to be deceived

The police inform that several thousand people have fallen victim to this type of fraud in Poland this year. “First of all, we must exercise extreme caution. We have to question the people who call us, for what purpose they are calling, from which institution they are. Sometimes we can give them a bit of false information ourselves to see if that person will fall for that trick or not. If it turns out that we have given a different bank name than the one in which we have an account, and this person starts talking about this bank, we know that we may be dealing with a fraudster – indicates junior asp. Tomasz Nowak from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław.

As the policeman adds, the second important principle is “minimum information provided”. – As little information as possible means less chance that the criminal will succeed in committing a crime – emphasizes Nowak.

As the police officer explains, the “bank employee” method is not new. And police officers across Poland receive reports of similar attempts every day. – Criminals often use this method because they can obtain large sums of money with it. The method is effective. Criminals take advantage of the fact that people have switched to electronic banking – explains the policeman.

Fraud using the “bank employee” method is still popularTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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