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Wroclaw. Biker chase with four injunctions. The police release the video

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A patrol of the Wrocław traffic police stopped a 43-year-old man fleeing on an unregistered motorcycle. The man was driving a two-wheeler under the influence of methamphetamine. He also had his driving privileges revoked and four court-ordered driving bans on his account. Sam admitted that this was not his first chase in his life. Officers released a video of the chase.

The event took place at the end of December, but – according to Rafał Jarząb from the press office of the Wrocław police – only now the police could publish the material. On the day of the pursuit, a patrol of the Wrocław traffic police was on duty on the outskirts of the city, in the area of ​​the Strachocin district.

Jarząb reports that a uniformed policeman standing by a marked police car gave the oncoming motorcyclist a clear signal to stop. He initially slowed down, but as he caught up with the officers, he accelerated rapidly. So the chase began.

He was running from the police. They posted a body-cam footage

– A man, escaping on a motorcycle, broke more traffic rules. Starting from non-compliance with signals given by a person authorized to conduct road control, through exceeding the speed limit, non-compliance with road signs and signals, ending with posing a threat to road safety. At some point, his reckless driving came to an end, because losing control of the motorcycle on the curve of the road, he fell into the roadside bushes – reports Jarząb.

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Stopping a motorcyclistPolice Wroclaw

The event was recorded by a body camera placed on a police uniform, and a fragment – showing the final stage of the chase – was published by the police on their website. It shows how, after the motorcyclist capsized, the officers run out of the car and put him in handcuffs. Soon after, already in the police car, they learned the reasons for his escape.

Police: he had no license, had four injunctions, and the motorcycle was unregistered

– It turned out that the 43-year-old has revoked driving licenses, four active court bans and the motorcycle he was escaping was not registered and did not have current technical tests and a mandatory OC policy. The man admitted that it was not his first escape from the police, and these bans were due to the fact that he did not stop for inspection, reports Jarząb.

The motorcycle was not registered, did not have current technical inspections and no mandatory liability insurancePolice Wroclaw

The rather effusive 43-year-old also did not hide the fact that he was taking amphetamines on the same day, as indicated by the positive result of the drug test. The man had a string bag with this substance.

He was taken into police custody. His fate will be decided by the court, and he may face a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Police Wroclaw

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