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Wroclaw. Death of a 25-year-old in a sobering-up center. Investigation transferred from Świdnica to Szczecin

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The investigation into the death of a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen was moved from Świdnica (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) to Szczecin. Prosecutors explain how a man died in the Wrocław sobering-up center. The man was to be beaten and strangled. As the police previously reported, the 25-year-old was aggressive. The recordings from the surveillance cameras from the city bus and the bus stop contradicted it. The representative of the family of the deceased Dmytro informs that toxicological studies have ruled out that the 25-year-old would take drugs or legal highs.

On July 30, Dmytro Nikiforenko was having a barbecue with his friends. The men drank alcohol. Late in the afternoon the 25-year-old was returning from the party by bus line N. At the Petrusewicza bus stop the driver called an ambulance for him. However, the rescuers did not see any grounds to transport the drunk man to the hospital.

The 25-year-old was taken to the Wrocław Center for Help for Drunken Persons. The police said he had behaved very aggressively during the intervention. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the Ukrainian citizen died on the same day he was brought to the sobering-up center. There – as the information from “Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław” revealed – was to be beaten and stewed.


The investigation in this case from Wrocław – still in August – went to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica. According to its spokesman, Tomasz Orepuk, the proceedings are aimed at manslaughter of a man. Nobody – so far – has heard about the charges. However, two officers lost their jobs in the police – by the decision of the Provincial Police Commander in Wrocław –. Proceedings are underway against others.

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Investigation transferred from Świdnica to Szczecin

Krzysztof Budnik, one of the representatives of the family of the deceased citizen of Ukraine, announced that the investigation into the death of the 25-year-old had been moved from Świdnica to Szczecin.

It is not known why it was decided to transfer the proceedings. One of the prosecutors from Świdnica told a journalist from “Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław”: – We were informed about it by fax. It contained one sentence: that the decision was made “for the good of the judiciary”.

Family representative: research has ruled out that the 25-year-old would take drugs or legal highs

Attorney Budnik also said that the results of toxicological tests ruled out that the deceased 25-year-old would take drugs or legal highs. However, the lawyer cannot talk about details. He is bound by the secrecy of the investigation.

Earlier, the services informed that the citizen of Ukraine was supposed to be aggressive. However, as it was seen on the surveillance cameras recorded, including those from the MPK stop, the 25-year-old was calm. Krzysztof Balawejder, the president of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne in Wrocław, also told us about his behavior: the passenger behaved calmly throughout the journey. Both during the entire journey and later during a very long, over 1.5-hour intervention by ambulance workers.

A recording from the monitoring cameras of the Wrocław bus TVN24

TVN24 Wrocław, Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław

Main photo source: monitoring

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