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Wroclaw. Death of Gabriel Seweryn. The results of the autopsy are known

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The autopsy did not help determine the cause of Gabriel Seweryn’s death. Additional tests are needed, including for possible use of drugs, alcohol and other prohibited pharmaceuticals. The autopsy ruled out bodily injuries.

The spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica said that an autopsy of Gabriel Seweryn was carried out on Thursday. The cause of death has not been determined. Additional toxicology tests will be conducted for the use of drugs, alcohol and other prohibited pharmaceuticals. The autopsy ruled out bodily injuries.

Toxicology test results will be available in approximately two weeks.

Gabriel Seweryn died at the age of 56

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Gabriel Seweryn died on Tuesday at the age of 56. This information was confirmed to local media by Ewa Todorov, spokeswoman for the Głogów District Hospital.

– Around 3:30 p.m. the patient was admitted to the Emergency Department with symptoms of chest pain. Laboratory tests were performed, the patient was placed on fluids and given medications. After about two hours, when it seemed that things would get better, a sudden cardiac arrest occurred, Todorov explained in an interview with glogow.naszemiasto.pl. – Despite the long-lasting resuscitation, the man’s vital functions could not be restored – she added.

On Wednesday, the spokeswoman said that Gabriel Seweryn arrived at the hospital with his own transport. – He was conscious, in logical contact, and was admitted to the hospital emergency department – said Ewa Todorov.

“I’m really going to die. I want people to know what problems I have.”

A few hours before his death, Gabriel Seweryn broadcast live from the market square in Głogów on social media. The report, which was shot by his friend, shows the celebrity complaining of chest pain. The TTV star mentioned that he could not count on help from the emergency services. The recording shows an ambulance standing nearby.

– God, the ambulance came and they put the circuses away instead of helping me. I’m suffocating here and no one wants to help me, he said. – I’m really going to die. I want people to know what problems I have. How they harass me. Let them see it’s me, he added

The conversation between Seweryn and his friend shows that a taxi was called to the scene. – Did you order a taxi? – asked the celebrity. – Yes, I ordered it – replied the host of the broadcast.

A moment later, the transmission ended.

Rescuers “were verbally attacked by the reporting party”

Our journalist Artur Węgrzynowicz obtained the content of the documentation prepared by the emergency medical team intervening in Głogów.

The emergency service was reported at 14.20. The reporting person was a person close to Seweryn and it concerned “shortness of breath”. The dispatcher, after conducting a medical interview, qualified the call as code two (necessary departure of a free emergency medical team – ed.) and immediately assigned an ambulance.

Medics arrived at the fur salon at the market square in Głogów around 2:50 p.m. According to our information, taking into account the time of the conversation with the dispatcher, the EMT to the market took about 15-20 minutes. On site, at the door, the rescuers “were verbally attacked by the reporting person.” During the examination, as described by the medics, both the patient and the reporting person were aggressive towards the medical team and “made threats”. The rescuers, fearing for their safety, stopped the examination, returned to the ambulance and called a police patrol to the scene.

Emergency service spokesman: We did not refuse help

The information contained in the documentation was confirmed to us by the spokesman for the ambulance service in Legnica. – We did not refuse help, but due to the situation that occurred, the team unfortunately felt threatened, because both the injured patient himself, who had chest pain and shortness of breath, and the people who were with him were very aggressive towards the emergency medical team. There was direct verbal aggression, including criminal threats, so the rescuers withdrew, said Szymon Czyżewski.

“The police who arrived at the scene did not find the man described”

The police called by the rescuers arrived on site after approximately 30 minutes.

– Yesterday, police officers from Głogów were called to provide assistance to paramedics. According to the rescuers, the man to whom the ambulance was called was behaving aggressively towards them. The police who arrived at the scene did not find the man described, said Senior Sgt. Natalia Szymańska

Prosecutor’s investigation

After the death of Gabriel Seweryn, the prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation, which was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica, prosecutor Lidia Tkaczyszyn, in an interview with tvn24.pl. – In connection with the death of a 56-year-old man, which occurred yesterday in Głogów, we are conducting investigations to determine the circumstances and causes of this man’s death. An autopsy will be performed and that’s all I can say. At the moment, it is too early to talk about any other details, the prosecutor said.

Main photo source: Radoslaw NAWROCKI / Forum

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