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Wroclaw. Foreigners are establishing more and more companies. More than half belong to Ukrainians

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Nearly a thousand new companies owned by foreigners have appeared in Lower Silesia over the last six months. 15,000 new enterprises were established throughout Poland by people with foreign passports. These are mostly citizens of Ukraine, as well as citizens of Belarus, Russia, the Netherlands and France.

Regional press spokesman ZUS in Lower Silesia, Iwona Kowalska-Matis announced on Friday that over the last six months, almost a thousand new companies have been established in Lower Silesia by foreigners. There are 15,000 such new companies throughout Poland.

“In the region, these are mostly citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, the Netherlands and France. Nationally, over a thousand companies are run by Vietnamese. Compared to May 2023, the number of companies founded by foreigners, operating only in Lower Silesia in February this year, has increased by 1942, which is an increase of 41.5 percent,” said the spokeswoman.

“This is a positive trend because these people pay taxes and contributions to the Social Insurance Institution. Of course, Ukrainian citizens dominate, but there are also Belarusians, Bulgarians and Germans,” added Kowalska-Matis.

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More than half of the companies are owned by Ukrainians

Of the 53,727 companies run by foreigners in Poland in 2024, more than half belong to Ukrainians: 27,568. In Lower Silesia, this percentage is even higher, because the citizens Ukraine 4,671 companies out of a total of 6,613 are foreign.

In Poland, among those running their own businesses, over 10.5 thousand people have a Belarusian passport, over 1.1 thousand are Vietnamese, and about a thousand people each indicated Russian and German citizenship. In total, this winter, ZUS recorded entrepreneurs and managers throughout the country sole proprietorship businesswho have citizenship of 120 countries.

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The growing trend is evidenced by data from several years ago. In January 2023, ZUS had approximately 32,000 foreign entrepreneurs in its database, and a year earlier, less than 24,000. foreigners. At the beginning of 2021, there were approximately 21.5 thousand of them, and in the winter of 2016, only 14.9 thousand.

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