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Wroclaw. From the apartment, you could hear the cry of the baby and the cry for help. Parents were drunk, the five-year-old hid under the covers

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Loud screams, a child’s cry and a call for help were heard from the apartment in Krzyki in Wrocław. The police called to the scene found a frightened five-year-old girl hidden in a bed under the covers. Her parents were completely drunk: her mother had 3.5 percent alcohol in her body, and her father 2.5 percent.

The Wroclaw police officer on duty received information about disturbing noises coming from behind the door of one of the apartments. The report showed that a row was taking place there, you could hear a cry for help and a loud cry of a child.

The mother had 3.5 per mille, the father over 2.5

– The officers went to the address indicated. There they found a woman and a man shouting to each other. There was also a five-year-old girl in the apartment who, terrified by the behavior of her parents, hid in a bed under the duvet – reports Łukasz Dutkowiak, spokesman for the Wrocław police.

And adds: – The child’s caregivers were very intoxicated and very agitated. Especially the 34-year-old who had 3.5 per mille of alcohol in her body. The woman shouted all the time, did not follow the instructions of the intervening officers and used words generally considered offensive. On the other hand, the 45-year-old had over 2.5 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air.

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The parents of the five-year-old were detained by officers. The child was taken care of by a trusted person who, as it turned out, had already helped him.

– The policemen explain all the circumstances of this event. They check, inter alia, whether and how many such situations could have happened in the past. If the collected evidence shows that the guardians, through their irresponsible behavior, exposed the child to a direct threat to their life or health, they may face a sentence of up to five years in prison – says Dutkowiak.

Main photo source: Lublin police

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