Wroclaw. Funeral workers rushed with the urn to the funeral. None had a driver’s license


A patrol of the Wrocław traffic police stopped a delivery van for inspection, which belongs to one of the local funeral parlors. As it turned out, two employees were in a hurry for the burial ceremony, they were transporting the urn with the ashes. The problem was that none of them had a driver’s license.

At the end of February, police officers carried out random, routine checks on Hallera Street in Wrocław. One of the cars stopped at that time was a white Mercedes belonging to a funeral parlor, which was going to a nearby cemetery.

They were carrying the urn to the funeral. They drove without permission, the 27-year-old will answer to the court

– Two men were traveling in the car, hurrying to a funeral. Unfortunately, they “forgot” that none of them had permission to drive. It did not matter much to them, because mourners were already waiting at the cemetery, and they were carrying an urn with the ashes of the deceased – says Rafał Jarząb from the press office of the Wrocław police.

Funeral workers were on their way to the funeral with the urnPolice Wroclaw

Their explanations did not impress the policemen. In order for the ashes of the deceased to reach the funeral, it was necessary to call a colleague from work with the right to drive.

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The 27-year-old driver of the car will have to appear in court. The police sent a motion to punish him. He faces a fine and a driving ban of several years.

Main photo source: Police Wroclaw

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