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Wroclaw. Gucio lost his eyes by pouring hydrogen peroxide on them. Owner accused

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Shih tzu Gucio was extremely neglected and sick when Centaurus Foundation volunteers took him away from his owners. Seeing what was happening to the dog, they did not take him to the vet. Instead of professional help, they would sprinkle the dog’s eyes with hydrogen peroxide from the disease. The prosecutor’s office has just filed an indictment with the court in this case. The dog did not survive.

Gucio lived in a single-family housing estate in Wrocław. He had a roof over his head, but he was taken care of by the owners who, despite his clearly deteriorating condition, did not go to the vet with him. Instead, he was treated on his own. “The owners (…) implemented natural methods. They poured hydrogen peroxide on the sick eyes. It ate everything,” wrote the foundation about what happened to Gucio.

Psa, on his way, accidentally met one of the volunteers. The quadruped was picked up with the assistance of the police. “Gucio suffered so much that he wailed. He asked for help in a terrible voice. He saw nothing, heard nothing. Locked in a vice of unimaginable pain, he begged for help” – reported the representatives of Centaurus.


Gucio was taken away from the owners. He did not surviveCentaurus Foundation

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“With a shrill voice he asked for help”

Gucio was taken care of by veterinarians. He was given drips, and he was given painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. However, the damage to the eyes was so great that the dog needed surgery.

“Both eyeballs are damaged, both corneas are damaged with a visible ulcer. (…) The description from the clinic leaves no trace of hope that Gucio will ever see at least one more ray of the sun … Everything was taken from him, condemning him to unimaginable suffering” – the foundation wrote, assuring that the owners of the quadruped will suffer the consequences of abusing the animal. These are “people who, with their thoughtlessness, made him a hell and made him disabled” – volunteers acknowledged after receiving Gucio.

The dog, despite the help given to him, did not survive.

Owner accused

The police initiated actions aimed at bullying the dog. The proceedings were to answer the question of whether the animal’s guardian had committed a crime. At the beginning of November, the District Prosecutor’s Office for Wrocław Fabryczna brought an indictment against Zbigniew K. I, accusing him of tormenting Gucio with particular cruelty.

– The collected evidence in the case, in particular the testimonies of the interviewed witnesses and the report of the autopsy of the dog, confirmed that the failure to treat and care for the animal by its owner, Zbigniew K., contributed to the occurrence of many diseases in the dog, including peritonitis, perforation of the duodenal wall at the site her chronic ulceration, chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammation of both eyeballs and soft tissues around the eyes, which in turn led to the death of the animal – informs Małgorzata Dziewońska, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław.

The man is threatened with up to five years in prison.

TVN24, Centaurus Foundation, District Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław

Main photo source: Centaurus Foundation

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