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Wroclaw. He comes from behind, rips the women’s earrings out of their ears, and runs away. The police are looking for him [zdjęcie]

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Several similar events took place in Wrocław’s Biskupin in a short period of time. An unknown man targets women wearing earrings – he runs up behind them and rips their jewelry out of their ears. Police have released a picture of the suspect and are asking for help in identifying him.

So far, the police have received three such reports. “They say it was the same every time. During the day, the man ran from behind and ripped off the earrings from the victims’ ears, and then ran away – says tvn24.pl Wojciech Jabłoński, spokesman for the Wrocław police.

Officers secured surveillance video recordings of the perpetrator. Due to the poor quality of the recordings, this image is not unambiguous, but patrols from Śródmieście and the surrounding police stations are familiar with it.

“Currently, the police are conducting activities aimed at apprehending the person responsible for these acts. We’re talking about one person here. We already have some information, but due to operational activities, we cannot provide it at the moment – emphasizes Jabłoński.

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Victim: attacked me from behind, covered his eyes

Biskupin is a quiet, green district, a bit off the beaten track of the city. Local residents are surprised by the situation and warn each other on online groups, but also in person.

One of the robberies took place on Sempołowska Street. In an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the victim reports on the course of the event.

I was walking with my friend to my house. He attacked me from behind when we were between blocks. He covered my eyes. I thought maybe it was someone I know. But then he slid his hands to my ears and snatched my earrings. When I turned around, he was already running the other way.

As she says, she screamed and asked for help, but the attacker could not be stopped. The family heirloom is gone.

Mrs. Iwona, a witness to the event, tells the journalists of “Wyborcza” that the most shocking thing is that the events take place in places that seem to be safe. – Mothers with children, for example, walk this way every day. It happened in the middle of the day, before 5 pm. It was a tall young man, wearing black sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt. He had a hood over his head and his face was covered.

Wanted perpetrator of the theft of earringsPolice Wroclaw

Published image

On Saturday, the Wrocław police published an image of a man selected on the basis of previous findings. They show that it may be related to the events described above. The police are asking anyone who witnessed such thefts or has any information about the perpetrator to contact them.

Contact under the following telephone numbers: Duty Officer of KP Wrocław Śródmieście tel. 47-871-43-58, Head of the Criminal Division tel. 47 871-41-20 or mobile tel. 601-812-364.

tvn24.pl, Gazeta Wyborcza

Main photo source: Police Wroclaw

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