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Wroclaw. He ran onto the tram track, missed the traffic jam. Drivers started honking, the police will be checking

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Thursday morning in the center of Wrocław. A blue Volkswagen is driving along the lane with a tram track. The behavior of the driver outraged the others. The police already know about the case. We got a photo showing what happened at Plac Grunwaldzki on Kontakt24.

For drivers, Thursday morning in the center of Wrocław usually means traffic jams. It is no different in the vicinity of Plac Grunwaldzki. And it was here that one of the internet users noticed a driver who decided to facilitate and shorten his way.

– The road is often jammed at this time of day. Today around 8 o’clock it was also like that. I saw one of the cars enter the track on which the trams run. The driver managed to avoid the traffic jam, got to the intersection faster and turned at the traffic lights – describes a man who sent us a photo showing the behavior of the driver on Contact24.


Drivers started honking, the police will be checking

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What the driver of the blue Volkswagen did upset the others. The drivers honked, and so did I. And he just smirked. It was a dangerous situation – the witness of the event emphasizes.

We asked the police about the matter. – At about 11 a.m., a report was received in our mailbox that after 8 a.m. a passenger vehicle was moving along the track at Grunwaldzki Square. We have received the necessary vehicle data. The report was forwarded to the policeman who will take care of the case – emphasized Paweł Noga from the press office of the Wrocław police. And he added: – We will try to identify the driver and check if there has been an offense. The report also received the “Stop Road Aggression” mailbox.

Grunwaldzki Square in Wrocław. The driver was driving along the track for tramsKontakt24 / Internet user

Main photo source: Kontakt24 / Internet user

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