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Wroclaw. He was hitting the balcony railing with his cat, the neighbors noticed it. Man detained, the animal has broken ribs and jaw

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Officers from the Wrocław Grabiszynek police station detained a man suspected of abusing a cat. Witnesses noticed the 43-year-old hitting the animal against the balcony railing and kicking it. After examination, the vet diagnosed broken ribs and jaw, and a cracked sternum.

On Wednesday, a police officer on duty received a report from witnesses about animal abuse. Reporters saw a man standing on a balcony who suddenly started hitting the cat against the railing and kicking it.

– The officers went to the indicated place. In the apartment where the 43-year-old man was, the police noticed the described cat. The animal was frightened and had numerous wounds and visible traces of blood on its fur. The suspect denied doing anything to the animal. The officers did not believe these explanations. After a thorough check of the premises, the police noticed traces of blood and fur in the bathroom. Officers secured evidence in this case and detained the 43-year-old. They called the Ekostraży patrol to the place to help the injured animal – says Wojciech Jabłoński, spokesman for the Wrocław police.

The animal had visible traces of blood on its furEco-guard

Broken ribs, sternum and jaw

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As Ekostraże volunteers describe, before they entered the apartment with the services, the man tried to cover his tracks – he washed the blood off the balcony and quickly bathed the cat. However, he did so quite ineptly. The 43-year-old was arrested by the police. At that time, the cat went to the vet for basic tests and ultrasound.

“The cat has broken ribs, sternum and jaw, as well as a bruised tail that is worn out (we suspect it’s from tugging). We need to stabilize his condition. He will be treated with antibiotics, hydrated and manually fed with emergency food. Only after that we will start assembling the cat , battered body “- informed Ekostraż on Facebook.

Broken ribs can be seen on X-raysEco-guard

Cat taken over, former owner with charges

On Thursday, volunteers reported that the cat’s condition had improved and he was able to undergo surgery to remove his teeth and reassemble his jaw. The animal will not return to its owners, it has already formally passed into the care of Ekostraży. He will be up for adoption after he recovers.

The 43-year-old has already been charged with a crime of animal abuse. The court will decide his fate. The man may face a prison sentence of up to three years.

A number of tests were performed on the catEco-guard

Main photo source: Police Wroclaw

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