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Wroclaw. He was riding an electric unicycle, got a speeding ticket

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The Wrocław traffic police checked how users of bicycle paths behave. On one of them, officers checked a man who was riding an electric unicycle at nearly 40 kilometers per hour. He had to explain that he was in a hurry to catch the train. He was given a fine of PLN 200.

Police officers from the road traffic department conducted an action along Ślężna Street under the code name “Safety of cyclists”, which involved, among others, measuring the speed of users of bicycle paths with a hand-held laser meter.

Nearly 40 kilometers per hour

– At one point, the officers noticed an electric unicycle riding a bicycle path, which at first glance was moving at a speed significantly exceeding the speed allowed in this area – says Rafał Jarząb from the press section of the Wrocław police.

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The meter showed almost 40 kilometers per hourPolice Wroclaw

The officers pointed a meter at him. The screen showed the result – 39 km/h. And as the police reminds – in accordance with Art. 20 sec. 6 points 4 – “the permissible speed of electric scooters and personal transport devices is 20 km/h”.

– The man explained his behavior by haste. The 40-year-old was in a hurry to catch the train. The police officers ended their intervention in the ticket proceeding by imposing a fine of PLN 200 on him, Jarząb reports.

Speeding ticketPolice Wroclaw

Main photo source: Police Wroclaw

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