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Wroclaw. “Headhunters” tracked down a man who had been hiding for over two years after the attack on police officers

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Wroclaw “headhunters” detained a 26-year-old who two and a half years ago committed an active assault on police officers. The man avoided the imposed prison sentence, and therefore the District Court in Świdnica issued an arrest warrant for him.

The Lower Silesian police announced on Tuesday that the wanted 26-year-old resident of the commune of Jaworzyna Śląska had been detained. In September 2020, the man committed an active assault on Świdnica police officers who were called to intervene.

– The reason for the call was the bodily injury of one of the residents by the identified perpetrator. During the actions taken, the officers were attacked by two men, residents of the Świdnica poviat. The evidence collected at that time showed the aggression and brutality of the attackers that the intervening policemen faced, Aleksandra Pieprzycka from the Lower Silesian Police said.

Allegations of active assault and insults

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One man was arrested at the scene and the other shortly after. The intoxicated men were taken into police custody.

As Pieprzycka emphasized, the evidence collected in the investigation allowed the prosecutor to present charges to the detainees, including active assault on officers and insulting them.

The man has been hiding for over two yearsLower Silesian Police

Captured and arrested

The District Court in Świdnica issued an arrest warrant against the younger man because he avoided the execution of the sentence issued against him in this case. Then the officers from the Department of Search and Identification of Persons of the voivodship headquarters took up the case.

– The intensified activities carried out and the methods used by the officers from Wrocław made it possible to determine the whereabouts of the wanted person. He was tracked down a few days ago and detained. Now he will not escape responsibility for his actions and will spend the next two years and six months in prison, added the policewoman.

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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