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Wroclaw. Indictment against policemen and employees of the sobering-up station in connection with the death of Dmytro Nikiforenko

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Four former police officers and five employees of the Wrocław sobering-up center will stand trial in connection with the death of Dmytro Nikiforenko. The 25-year-old died in July 2021 after police intervention. As the prosecutor’s office indicated in the indictment, after overpowering with belts, the defenseless Ukrainian was, among other things, beaten with fists and a club, strangled, pressed with his knee, until he finally stopped breathing.

On July 30, Dmytro Nikiforenko had a barbecue with his friends. The men drank alcohol. In the evening, the 25-year-old was returning from the party by bus line N. During the ride, he fell asleep and reached the final stop of Petrusewicza. The man could not be contacted, therefore the driver called an ambulance for him. Rescuers, however, saw no reason to transport the 25-year-old to the hospital. The police were called to the spot.

The man was taken to the Wrocław Center for Intoxicated People. The police claimed that he behaved aggressively during the intervention. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the citizen Ukraine he died the same day he was taken to the sobering-up station. Over time, materials contradicting the version of the policemen began to come to light.


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The recordings from the monitoring cameras of the bus of the Municipal Transport Company in Wrocław, in which the 25-year-old traveled, show that the man was calm for at least several hours. Moreover, there was almost no contact with him at all.

Krzysztof Balawejder, the then president of MPK Wrocław, who died recently, told us about his behavior: – From the information I received from the driver, as well as after a detailed monitoring analysis, I can clearly say that the passenger behaved calmly throughout the journey. Both during the entire journey and then during a very long, over one and a half hour intervention of the emergency services.

Initially, one of the Wrocław prosecutor’s offices conducted an investigation in this case. Later, the proceedings were transferred to Świdnica. Eventually, she investigated the case District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin.

Monitoring from the city bus, in which the 25-year-old traveledmonitoring

Dmytro tortured

On Monday, the spokeswoman for the Szczecin prosecutor’s office, Alicja Macugowska-Kyszka, announced that an indictment against four former police officers, three guardians, a doctor and the shift manager of the Wrocław Center for Intoxicated Persons in Wrocław has been filed with the court.

– In the course of the investigation conducted in this case, it was established that, acting jointly and in consultation with each other, three police officers and two guardians – paramedics in the room of the Wrocław Center for Intoxicated Persons in Wrocław, exceeded their powers in the use of direct coercion measures. They took part in a beating and physically abused a legally deprived victim, against whom they used physical violence after being admitted and incapacitated with belts, reports Macugowska-Kyszka.

The experts and prosecutors precisely indicated and described the violence used against the 25-year-old, which in turn led to violent suffocation: pressing the victim’s head, upper body and legs to the bed mattress, pressing the victim’s upper body and lower back with his knee, sitting down on the lying victim and pressing him with all his weight to the mattress, hitting with the hand and fist in the area of ​​the loins and head or shoulder girdle, pressing the victim’s neck with the hands, beating with a “tonfa” club around the lower back.

The fourth policeman – seeing what his colleagues were doing – did not take any action to prevent the use of violence against the victim.

Recording from the CCTV cameras of the Wrocław bus

Recording from the CCTV cameras of the Wrocław bus TVN24

Cover-up attempts

The indictment also covered a doctor who was on duty in the sobering-up station that day. According to the investigators, she failed to exercise proper supervision over the victim and did not decide to stop using direct coercion against him by officers and guardians, which unintentionally caused his death as a result of violent suffocation.

– On the other hand, acting jointly and in agreement, two employees of WrOPON – the person performing the duties of the custodian of the depositary and the shift manager – in view of the finding by paramedics of the ineffectiveness of the rescue activities undertaken against the victim, incited them to hinder the criminal proceedings related to unintentional causing of his death and to certify untruth in the card the order for the medical rescue team to leave and the card of medical rescue activities – the spokeswoman of the Szczecin prosecutor’s office provides.

According to the findings of the investigators, the women urged the paramedics to take Dmytro’s body to the ambulance and pronounce him dead only in it or after transporting to the hospital. They also urged them to issue false information in the travel order card and the medical rescue activity card in the part concerning the description of the actions taken, the time of withdrawal from the activity, as well as the time of death.

During the investigation, the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Three policemen and two rescuers from WrOPON are facing up to 10 years in prison. The others are up to five years in prison.

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