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Wroclaw. It was supposed to be used for childbirth for years. Ekostraż picked up a neglected female american bully

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Wrocław Ekostraż received an American Bully bitch as an intervention. According to activists, the dog was used in breeding for years, and when it stopped working, it was given away. Currently, it is skin and bones, the animal has sick ears, eyes, severe inflammation, hemorrhages and practically no muscles.

Ekostraży volunteers point out that the four-legged representatives of this breed are “well-built dogs, with beautifully developed muscle tissue, which is a tool for showing the joy of life to the whole world”. Such a picture does not resemble the female dog taken from the owner.

– It’s a sad skeleton of a dog covered with neglected and wounded skin. It is in vain to look for even a bit of bullish joy of being on her suffering-tormented face with sunken eyes – admits Dawid Karaś from the board of Ekostraży.

The female dog is very emaciatedEco-guard

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Ekostraż: was used for childbirth

The history of the bitch – as Ekostraż reports – for most of her life she has been delivering puppies sold at attractive prices. When she stopped working in childbirth, she was given up.

– Recently, she lived in a filthy pen and in an apartment, where during the intervention we found her hungry on the table. She came to the table to ask for food, because the basis of her diet were Chinese soups. Earlier, she was covered, two weeks ago she gave birth to dead puppies – reports Karaś.

Veterinary research is not encouragingEco-guard

Terrible condition

The dog was taken to the vet first. There, starvation, muscle atrophy, unkempt coat, sick ears, eyes, and wounded paws were found. In addition, anemia, severe inflammation, or elevated blood biochemical parameters. The female dog has problems with food intake.

– It looks like a wreck, but the worst thing is what you can’t see at first glance – what’s inside. Her digestive and reproductive systems are in poor condition. She will almost certainly require surgical opening of the abdominal cavity in order to survive, says Karaś.

Main photo source: Eco-guard

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